CITY OF SAN ANTONIO Zoning Commission Agenda

CITY OF SAN ANTONIO Zoning Commission Agenda Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center 1901 S. Alamo Street First Floor July 7, 2009 Tuesday, 12:45 PM ZONING COMMISSIONERS Michael Westheimer - District 1 Vacant - District 7 Barbara Hawkins - District 2 Ramiro Valadez, III - District ...



800 E XCHANGE S T., S UITE 100 A STORIA, OREGON 97103 (503) 325-8611 WWW. CO. CLAT SOP. OR. US C OUNTY L AND U SE P LANNING ZONING Phone: 503-325-8611 Fax: 503-338-3666 Email: [email protected] Web site: www.co.clatosp.or.us 800 Exchange Street, Suite 100 Astoria,Oregon 97103 copy of the ...


Jasper County Zoning Ordinance



Updated as amended 11/2/2010 4 ARTICLE 1 PURPOSE, AUTHORITY Section 1:1 Purpose The zoning regulations and districts as herein set forth have been made in accordance with a comprehensive plan and are designed to lessen traffic congestion; to secure safety from fire, panic, and other danger; to ...


The Basics You Should Know

The Basics You Should Know ZONING ordinances are written to require that the nonc onforming use be brought into compliance with the current zoning classification if the property is aband oned or if the property is destroyed.


City of Memphis Zoning

Chapter 51-Zoning 5.3 CHAPTER 51-ZONING ARTICLEI - SHORT TITLE 5.1. Short Title. This Chapter shall be known and maybe cited as the City of Memphis Zoning Ordinance.


Branford Zoning Regulations

Branford Zoning Regulations | 6.1.2011|2 ZONING REGULATIONS TOWN OF BRAN FORD, CONNECTICUT HOW TO USE THESE REGULATIONS PHILOSOPHY These Zoning Regulations are intended to guide land use activities in Branford in ways that


Neighborhood Planning

City of Austin Neighborhood Planning and Zoning Department 505 Barton Springs Road One Texas Center Austin, TX 78704 December 2008 DISCLAIMER: This Guide is for informational purposes only.



ZONING CITY OF BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS This pamphlet is a reprint of Appendix C, Zoning, of the Revised Ordinances of the City of Brockton, Massachusetts, published by order of the City Council.


The Law Behind Planning & Zoning in Indiana

ID-268 The Law Behind Planning & Zoning in Indiana Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service • West Lafayette IN 47907 Communities on Course Land Use Introduction Can the government restrict how you use your land?


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