C h i v e r o ZAMBIA BOTSWANA SOUTH AFRICA MOZAMBIQUE NAMIBIA M O Z A M B I Q U E ZIMBABWE Map No. 4210 Rev. 1 UNITED NATIONS January 2004 Department of Peacekeeping Operations Cartographic Section The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by ...


Commodity Report - Cotton and Products Annual

Voluntary - Public Clearance Office: Office of Global Analysis (OGA) Date: 5/26/2009 GAIN Report Number: Zimbabwe Post: Pretoria Commodity Report - Cotton and Products Annual Report Categories: Cotton and Products Approved By: Scott Sindelar Prepared By: Dirk Esterhuizen Report Highlights: Seed ...


Zimbabwe: Current Issues

Congressional Research Service ˜ The Library of Congress CRS Report for Congress Received through the CRS Web Order Code RL32723 Zimbabwe: Current Issues Updated March 11, 2005 Jeffrey Townsend Research Associate Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division Raymond W. Copson Specialist in ...


2011-2013 - Zimbabwe - Country Brief

AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT FUND ZIMBABWE: COUNTRY BRIEF 2011-2013 Prepared by Regional Department, South A (ORSA) Vice President, Regional Operations (ORVP) and Fragile States Unit (OSFU) Vice President, Sector Operations (OSVP)



Zimbabwe, p. 1 A. LIST OF ACRONYMS AFC Agricultural Finance Corporation CBZ Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe CGAP Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest CRS Catholic Relief Services CSFS Collective Self-Financing Scheme DFID Department for International Development ENDA Environment and Development ...


The Ngezi Road, Zimbabwe

THE ARUP JOURNAL 1/2003 49 Introduction In 1999 Zimbabwe Platinum Mines (Zimplats) bought for a nominal value the Selous Metallurgical Complex (SMC) from another mining company which had been making a venture into Zimbabwe.


Harare, Zimbabwe, March 8, 2011 - Statement by AfDB President ...

Harare, Zimbabwe, March 8, 2011 - Statement by AfDB President at the Euromoney Zimbabwe Investor Conference


Zimbabwe: PMTCT

1 Statistics, 2010 Estimated # of children (0-14) living with HIV 150,000 [92,000-200,000] (2009)[19] Population 12,523,000 (2009)[9] Annual births 379,000 (2009)[9] Neonatal mortality rate 36/1,000 (2004) [20] Infant mortality rate56/1,000 (2009)[10] Under 5 mortality rate 90/1,000 ...



About AFRODAD Vision AFRODAD aspires for an equitable and sustainable development process leading to a prosperous Africa. Mission To secure policies that will redress the African debt crisis based on a human rights value system.


The Role of the Church in the Struggle for Democratic Change ...

2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This research investigates relations between Church and State in Zimbabwe and goes back to the colonial period. Understanding the crisis in Zimbabwe, particularly the current repression and intolerance, requires a focus on the role of Church in fighting for a democratic space ...


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