Thinking About Starting a Small Winery

THINKING ABOUT STARTING A SMALL WINERY? Here's how a Start-up New England Winery was Pre-planned By Howard Bursen Originally published in the 1993 March/April issue of Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine Reprinted with permission of the publishers.

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sweet red wines romance red (bin 83) sweet red (bin 86) Sweet red wines reminiscent of grape jam and ripe strawberries $13.99/Bottle white wines sauvignon blanc (bin 78) Lemon zest and gooseberries with a citrus finish $16.99/Bottle pinot gris (bin 71) Pear, melon, and orange blossom aromas and ...

Chef Matt's Monthly Cheese Tasting

HANDCRAFTED WINE. MODERN CASUAL DINING. SLIDERS BUFFALO CHICKEN BIN 73 Mini Brioche with Spicy Breaded Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, and Ranch or Bleu Cheese Dressing..... 9.99 TENDERLOIN BIN 94 Sliced Beef Tenderloin, Crispy Onion Strings, and Dijon Mayo ...


Wine by the Glass: $5.00 (Except Cabernet & Black Riesling $7) TODAY’S SPECIALS 44 bboottttlleess.....SSAAVVEE 5500 cceennttss//bboottttllee


- 1 - FARM WINERIES STATUTES INDEX Section Subject 53-123.10 ..... Farm winery license; when issued. 53-123.11 ..... Farm winery license; rights of licensee; removal of unsealed bottle of wine; conditions. 53-123.12 .....

Farm Wineries

This statute allows a winery to manufacture wine in Minnesota and subjects wineries to Minnesota's liquor regulations, with a number of specific exceptions and allowances designed to protect and foster the growth of Minnesota wines.

San Joaquin County Municipal Code - Wineries

A major purpose of this Chapter is to guarantee that both winery and wine cellar marketing events are accessory and are subordinate to the primary agricultural use.

STARTING A SMALL WINERY - By Douglas P. Moorhead

STARTING A SMALL WINERY - By Douglas P. Moorhead Originally published in the 1996 Buyers Guide issue of Wine East Magazine Reprinted with permission of the publishers.

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Republic National Houston 832.782.1000 Gabe Abdo [email protected] Republic National San Antonio210.230.7265Kelly [email protected] Vermont G Housen 802.773.4707 Justin Anderson [email protected] Virginia Roanoke Valley Wine Co. 410.643.7393 Rob [email protected] ...

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