3 P REFACE The Victims and the Media Program at Michigan State University was established in 1991 to assist journalism students in reporting on victims of violence and catastrophe with the sensitivity, dignity and respect that they deserve.

2011 National Crime Victims' Rights Week Resource Guide

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One of the most pressing concerns facing people of our community today is the fear and reality of crime. Prior to 1985, the loss, hurt, and fear experienced by victims were made worse by asystem which provided extensive legal rights for the criminal defendant, while ignoring the victim.

Legal Assistance for Victims Grant Program - FY 2011

OVW Fiscal Year 2011 Legal Assistance for Victims Grant Program Legal Assistance for Victims Grant Program - FY 2011


Resolution 2005/20 Guidelines on Justice in Matters involving Child Victims and Witnesses of Crime The Economic and Social Council , Recalling its resolution 1996/16 of 23 July 1996, in which it requested the Secretary-General to continue to promote the use and application of United Nations ...

News Media, Victims and Crime 22

Chapter aims Introduction News media and the ‘ideal victim’ Newsworthiness, crime and criminal victimization Newsworthiness, crime victims and the importance of the visual

Case Studies 1

Case Studies 2 Child Victims, Child Offenders: An Introduction through Legal Cases Children become involved in the legal system in myriad ways, both as victims and offenders.

Publication explains rights of crime victims in Missouri

*CRIME VICTIMS' RIGHTS Victims of crime are guaranteed certain notification rights and participation in the criminal justice system under an amendment to the Missouri Constitution and laws that took effect in 1993.

Nebraska's Report - Crime Victim's Reparations Program

Victims of crimes subject to federal jurisdiction shall be awarded compensation on the same basis as victims of all other compensable crimes.

Immigration Options for Victims of Crimes

Immigration Options for Victims of Crimes Information for Law Enforcement, Healthcare Providers, and Others Violence Against Women Act U Nonimmigrant Status T Nonimmigrant Status M-779 (02/10) Victims are not required to be in legal immigration status, but they must: •*Be*a*victim*of*a*severe ...

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