AP-42, CH 9: Food And Agricultural Industries

The canning of fruits and vegetables is a growing, competitive industry, especially the international export portion. The industry is made up of establishments primarily engaged in canning fruits, vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices; processing ketchup and other tomato sauces; and producing ...

Guidelines for Harvesting Vegetables

Helping You Put Knowledge to Work Cornell Cooperative Extension provides equal program and employment opportunities. NYS College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, NYS College of Human Ecology, and NYS College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University, Cooperative Extension associations ...

Drying Vegetables

 Colorado State University Cooperative Extension. 10/98. Revised 7/04. F O O D A N D N U T R I T I O N S E R I E S PREPARATION Drying Vegetables no. 9.308 by P. Kendall, P. DiPersio and J. Sofos 1 Quick Facts...


Please rate the quality of fresh fruit and vegetables listed in the tables below. Circle . one response for each column (color, no dirt or insects, firm/crisp, and undamaged).

Fruits for Vitamin A

Vegetables & Fruits for Vitamin A Vitamin A can be stored by your body. If you eat a good source of vitamin A three or four times a week, you will get enough.


INDIAN VEGETABLES Reference: Hedges & Lister. Plant & Food Research Confidential Report No 2291. Nutritional attributes of Indian vegetables.


WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Fruits and vegetables are important components of a healthy diet, and daily consumption of sufficient fruits and vegetables could help prevent major diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers.

How to Freeze Summer Produce

How to Freeze Summer Produce I l l u st r at I o n: J o h n B u r g oy n e We froze freshly picked summer fruits and vegetables last summer, then thawed them in the middle of winter to find out which methods of freezing work best.


GROWING VEGETABLES . IN SOUTH FLORIDA . This fact sheet is a supplement to the “Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide” ( or contact your local Extension office for a copy) and

Vegetable Suppliers

California Vegetable Specialties Endive 1/6 lb SUPC 0863431 Red and White Endive Endive Belgian White 1/10 lb SUPC 8512341 California Vegetable Specialties, founded in

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