Vastu says that the entry of raw material should be from the SouthWest. If it is not possible to create an entry from the South West through the PROPERTY, you have to see

The Power of Vastu

6 7 As a result of a series of foreign invasions the knowledge of Vastu was lost. For thousands of years, portions of this valuable knowledge were retained for the exclusive use of the upper echelon of India's society.


SEVEN VASTU TIPS FOR THE BEDROOM Vastu Shastra, the sacred science from India that creates harmonious stress-free living and working environments, supports your success in all areas of life, even in the bedroom!

Vastushastra - The Divine School ofArchitecture

Vãstu Shãstra The Divine School of Architecture Arun Naik www.vastusindhu. com This Paper was first published in the anthology "Vedic Culture: The Difference It Can Make In Your Life" ed. Stephen Knapp, Forward by Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) Published by iUniverse Inc., 2021 ...

Vastu Shastra -

Vastu Plus TM Nitien Parmar Vastu Consultant Fengshui Planner & Numerologist Contact: 9821340898 / 9987140064 Vastu Shastra - For Prosperity, Success & Peace Website: Email: Address: 14-B, Shantinath Shopping Centre, S.V. Road, Malad (W), Mumbai - 400 064, India.

Vastu-Proof your Home

Premier Research Labs • • "Nutrition that really works" Vastu-Proof your Home Creating Superior Vastu Bioenergetics for Your Home by Remediating the Environment Around Your Home Create Superior Vastu Energetics for Your Home to Ensure: • A Happier Life • Excellent Health ...

Vastu: Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary, Create the Home of ...

Design trends come and go, but the time-honored techniques of Vastu (the yogic theory of design) are here to stay. Create the h Vastu: Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary, Create the Home of Your Dreams

SITE : E - 3040 PLINTH AREA : 17'6" x 25'3" = 442.00 Sq.ft

3D Home Architect Deluxe: 14-E-3040.PL1. DN KITCHEN 8' x 6'9 BEDROOM 11'6 x 9' TOILET 8' x 5' DRESSING 3'8 x 5' PLINTH AREA : 17'6" x 25'3" = 442.00 Sq.ft SITE : E - 3040 POOJA N 3'2 16'9 5' 2' 2' 30' 40' 25'4 17'7

Vastushastra and the Lagna Mandap

Two types of arrangements are prescribed in Vastu for Hawan: a Hawankund and a Hawan Vedi. A Kund is a pit either dug in the ground or created by erecting bricks.

3D Home Architect Deluxe: 02-N-3040

HALL 3D Home Architect Deluxe: 02-N-3040.PL1. DN UP M.TOILET 6' x 4' POOJA 4' x 6' KITCHEN 10' x 7'6 HALL 10' x 15'10 BEDROOM 10' x 10' C.TOILET 6' x 4' MASTER BDRM 10' x 11' ENTRY 5'6 x 6' N SITE : N - 3040 PLINTH AREA : 21'9" x 31'9" = 690.50 Sq.ft 30' 40' 21'10 31'8 4'6 3' 3' 4'8

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