Lake sediment research as a part of lake management - case ...

Publications of the Department of Geology D007 Helsinki 2006 Lake sediment research as a part of lake management - case studies and implications from southern Finland Samu Valpola Academic Dissertation To be presented with the permission of the Faculty of Science of the University of Helsinki ...


I want to address a special word of thanks to my supervisor Harri Valpola. As an excellent supervisor he has not given me ready solutions but hints that have made it possible for me

An Unsupervised Ensemble Learning Method for Nonlinear ...

An Unsupervised Ensemble Learning Method for Nonlinear Dynamic State-Space Models Harri Valpola and Juha Karhunen Helsinki University of Technology, Neural Networks Research Centre

Variational Bayesian learning of generative models

Chapter3 Variational Bayesian learning of generative models Harri Valpola, Antti Honkela, Alexander Ilin, Tapani Raiko, Markus Harva, Tomas ¨ Ostman, Juha Karhunen, Erkki Oja 69

Denoising Source Separation

ICA has been a valuable tool, in particular, in testing certain hypotheses inmagnetoencephalo gram (MEG) and electroencephalogram (EEG) analysis (see Vig´arioetal., 2000). c2005 JaakkoS¨ arel¨ a and Harri Valpola.

Chapter6 Biomedical data analysis

[2]J. S arel a, H. Valpola, R. Vigario, and E. Oja. Dynamical factor analysis of rhythmic magneto encephalographic activity. Proceedings of the 3rdinternational workshop on independent component analysis and blind signal separation, ICA'01, (San Diego, CA, United States), 2001.


... Research Centre: Research Projects 1 Introduction 49 2 Independent component analysis and blind source separation 53 Erkki Oja, Juha Karhunen, Ella Bingham, Maria Funaro, Johan Him-berg, Antti Honkela, Aapo Hyv¨arinen, Alexander Ilin, Karthikesh Raju, Tapani Ristaniemi, Jaakko S¨arel¨a, Harri Valpola ...


Members of the jury: Bernard COLENBRANDER, Tina VALPOLA, Fred MANSON, Dieter HENKE, Marta SCHREIECK, Alex de RIJKE, Alex van De BELD, Maria BONAITI, Toma Brate and Francesco Dal Co, president found a high level of quality in the great majority of the exhibited work.

Past, Present and Future - Assessing Changes in aquatic ...

Andrén and Heikki Simola for pre-examination of my thesis and Samu Valpola for co-authoring one article. Huge thanks goes also to Kirsti Korkka-Niemi and

Selective attention improves learning

Selective attention improves learning Antti Yli-Krekola, Jaakko S¨arel¨aand Harri Valpola Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland {antti.yli-krekola,jaakko.sarela, harri.valpola} http://www.becs. Abstract.

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