Potluck Dinner

Elaine Smith October Speakers Oct 1st "Pass On the Plenty" Ina Urness- Local Oct 8th "Send No One Away" Mark Allen- Pleasant Hill Oct 15th "What Must I DO?"


Lardner National Directors Institute - 2007 Program Materials

Steve Hilfinger, Foley & Lardner LLP James Nappo, UBS Securities LLC Matthew Parr, UBS Securities LLC Ryan Urness, Navarre Corporation Lardner National Directors Institute - 2007 Program Materials


Wisconsin Northwoods Adventurers - OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE ...

On Main Street - 34 N Main St. Rice Lake WI 11 am on the second Saturday of each month President: Tom Frank (715)579-7111 Vice-President: Al Urness (715) 781--2517 Treasurer: JoAnn Carlin (715)505-0876 Secretary: Bob Moore (715)834-6735 Outings Director: Tom Welch (715)894-0220 A Note From ...


Furness PPC500 Lft

P P C 5 0 0 F u r n e s s C o n t r o l s F u r n e s s C o n t r o l s F urness C o ntrols P P C 5 0 0 CALIBRATOR Portable Pressure Furness Controls 2020 Younts Road, Indian Trail, NC 28079 Phone: 704-882-3311 Fax: 704-882-3811 Email: [email protected] Web: www.furnesscontrols.com ...


Use of Curlleaf Mountain-Mahogany by Mule Deer

The difference in our treatment areas, compared to those of Collins and Urness (1981) and Leckenby (1968), was that each of our areas contained portions of cover and openings representative of the entire migration route in that locale.


Jazz Combo Camp

Mark Urness, bass Mark Urness is a versatile bassist, composer and educator. His diverse performance experience encompasses orchestral, chamber, jazz, salsa and solo playing.


Influence of Mowing Artemisiatridentatassp. wyomingensis on ...

Advantages of mechanical thinning treatments over burning include the ability to retain shrub and herbaceous components while controlling the size and shape of the treatment (Urness 1979 ).


Sage-grouse habitat restoration symposium proceedings

Historically, mule deer carrying capacity has increased on winter ranges that have experienced an increase in shrub density (Urness 1979). However, on many sagebrush ranges in Utah, shrub density has peaked, and plant communities have become dominated by old, decadent shrubs.


Wisconsin County Highway Superintendent & Foremen Association

Roll Call: Present: Mark Banton, Ozaukee Deb DeWitt, WCMIC Pete Doherty, Falls Plows Don Grande, Ashland Mark Leibham, Sheboygan Randy Roloff, Outagamie Al Urness, Diamond Mowers Jack Yates, Marquette Absent: Jim ...


Density and Feeding Habits of Elk and Deer in Relation to ...

Collins, W.B., and P.J. Urness. 1983. Feeding behavior and habitat selection of mule deer and elk on northern Utah summer range. J. wildl.


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