World's Most Attractive Employer

www.universumglo bal.com Stockholm, September 29th 2011— Based on the preferences of over 160,000 career seekers, with a business or engineering background from the world´s 12 largest economies (based on nominal GDP), Universum releases the global talent attraction index: "The World's Most ...


Big 4 challenge GooG le’s position as the world’s mosT ...

UNIVERSUM is The Global Employer Branding Leader. We drive the industry forward having focused exclusively on Employer Branding (EB) for over 20 years.


South East Europe Student Research Conference 2010

Author(s): Qazim Tmava (Universum Institute for Economic and Social Studies), Florim Peci (University of Prishtina) Title: Financial crisis and its refl ection in the business fi nancing in


Semi-Supervised Classiflcation with Universum Dan Zhang1 ...

Semi-Supervised Classiflcation with Universum Dan Zhan g 1, Jingdong Wang 2, Fei Wang 3, Changshui Zhang 4 1;3;4 State KeyLaboratory on Intelligent Technology and Systems, Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology (TNList), Department of Automation, Tsinghua University ...


Empirical Study of the Universum SVM Learning for High ...

Empirical Study of the Universum SVM Learning for High-Dimensional Data Vladimir Cherkassky and Wuyang Dai Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota Minneapolis MN 55455 USA [email protected],[email protected] Abstract.


Apply to Universum's Summer Internship 2011

Apply to Universum's Summer Internship 2011 Are you an outstanding student and graduating 2011 or 2012? Do you want to manage a successful company in the future?



Universum Educational Group - Kosovo Private School Center, first of this kind in Kosova, is founded by family initiative of Xhavit Berisha (Aga Xhite), which nickname holds this college.


New Product Guide

New Product Guide Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer CA-400 Throughput: 400 tests/hour (Up to 560 tests/hour w/ISE) Environment-friendly reusable Pyrex cuvette


quintus 5-part hematology analyZer - single tube inlet

Boule Medical aB is a global provider of complete hematology systems. We are proud to offer a unique Total Quality Concept (TQC) of instruments,


The new and improved Universum Student Survey 2008

The Universum Graduate Survey has now become the new and improved Universum Student Survey 2008. After consultation with our clients, with the Career Services of over 500 universities and other stakeholders in the field of research, Universum has re-designed the current survey, adding value for ...


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