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DMP VIII: Palaeohydrology and palaeoenvironment

parts of the Lake Megafazzan Basin, as well as continuing research in the Wadi al-Hayat and Ubari Sand Sea. Lake Megafazzan sediments were investigated at two sites on the eastern margin of the basin.


Fezzan & the Sahara

Further east, the sand seas of Wan Caza, Murzuq and Ubari are enchanted showpieces of nature's artistry. Hidden among the dunes of the latter are the Ubari Lakes, which carry more than a whiff of fantasy.



Crossing to the Ubari Lakes ( p137 ) takes a minimum of two days. Allow a few days for the Jebel Acacus ( p137 ). Flying back to Tripoli saves a full day's journey by road.


Hilary N. Weaver

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Libyan Arab Jamahiriya • Crisis SituationReport No. 43 7 ...

Many are reportedly in southwest towns of Sabha, Gadames, Ubari and Murzuk. According to IOM, up to 25,000 Chadians remain stranded in Gatroum, located in southwestern Libya.


Application: Lithosphere (a) Soils

Application: Lithosphere (a) Soils Artists impression of Spot 5 The satellite image shows the route from the Africa Cafe (bottom) to Lake Qabr Aron (top), Edeyen Ubari, Libya, as seen by Landsat TM.


Getting Started

survey what lies ahead – the ocea n of dunes that comprise the Idehan Ubari (Ubari Sand Sea; p186 ). Crossing the sand s is like trespassing upon a land



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Vegetation-soil relationships in the Wadi Al-Hayat Area of ...

It is bounded by the Ubari or Al- Zallaf Sand Sea on the north, and by the high cliffs of the Messak Settafet plateau on the south (Brooks, 2006).


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