Satin Brass, Satin Chrome ¥Operates most Grade 1 & 2 knob cylinder locksets and leversets¥Screw cap retainer ¥Arrow D, E, F, K, Schlage B100, B200, H Series deadlock ¥Solid brass 15995 DUMMY RIM TURNKNOB CYLINDERS UNIVERSAL REPLACEMENT CYLINDERS ILC 2


COM-MOD-04105 3500 Series Mort

From Inside: With door closed, rotate turnknob to the horizontal position. If lockout is applied when door is open, closing door will kick-off lockout feature.


Keeler Hardware

By rotating the key 90˚ the bolt can be thrown achieving external security whilst the internal turnknob is free to exit (Safety Mode). By rotating the key a further 45˚ to the second click, the bolt will now be secure on both sides of the door (Secure Mode).


Lockwood Security Products Pty Limited

Lockwood Security Products 355/303 Deadlocks 2 Opened by key from outside and by turnknob from inside when free. Key inside locks or unlocks turnknob. 80 42 33 6.5 120 54 32 25 82 The top security features provided by the 355Deadlock make it an ideal lockset for both domestic and commercial ...


Cylinder Mortice Lock Collection

Opened by handle except when handle is made inoperative by turnknob from inside. Inside: Opened by handle at all times. Turnknob locks or unlocks outside handle.


Short Backset Mortice Locks

Inside - locked or unlocked by turnknob. 22 mm bolt projection Brass coverplate for metal door 590-1 Brass coverplate for timber door 590-2 Fabricator pack 590F-1 36 mm bolt projection Brass coverplate for metal door 590-101 Brass coverplate for timber door 590-102 Fabricator pack 590F-101 Cylinder and Turnknob ...


multi-point trim

ACT3 Entry - Keyed W/ Turnknob $491.00 550.00 616.00 715.00 379.00 425.00 476.00 553.00 Passage Multi-point FDP3 Passage - Active No Cylinder Or Turnknob 384.00 430.00 482.00 559.00 272.00 305.00 342.00 397.00 Half Inactive / Half Passage Multi-point AIN3 Inactive Outside And Active Inside - Non ...


COM-MOD-04034 Brass Door Mod

8 Lockwood Security Products Brass Door Furniture 1336 CP Finish Chrome Plate CP Satin Chrome Plate SC Florentine Bronze FB Polished Brass PB Black Chrome PlateBC Escutcheon Type Oval Cylinder Escutcheon 1336 Turnknob Escutcheon 1337 Emergency Turn Escutcheon1338 Hotel-Motel Escutcheon 1339 Lockwood 1800, 2400 & 2800 ...


Marshall Best Security Corporation

Marshall Best Security Corporation 16 - Deadlock by key on either side 17 - Deadlock by key O/S and Turnknob I/S 18 - Deadlock by key one side only Available Functions US3 (605) US4 (606) US10B (613) US26 (625) US26D (626) Available Finishes ANSI Strike Thumb Turn HOW TO ORDER Model Function ...


Cylinder Mortice Locks

Turnknob locks or unlocks both handles. 3574 WTR 3574 WTL 574-507RH 574-557LH 3403 Office *Locking*Latch 3574 ZZ 574-531RH 574-581LH 3402 Double cylinder.


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