The Mother Church and Church Planting By J. D. Payne, Ph.D.

established churches was the third most critical issue in North American church planting. 3 Based on my findings, the reasons for the lack of established churches being involved in church planting are at least three in number: 1) Ignorance, 2) Turfism, and 3) Lack of Kingdom Vision.


Ethical Issues in Building and Maintaining Coalitions—

Turfism, or the desire to protect one's organization or 'self,' may first appear to be an ethical conflict. It is important to clearly evaluate the conflict to determine if it is a true ethical conflict, or if it is a case of turfism.


The Ministry Team Annual Planning Process

Team leaders will seek to eliminate turfism and to determine if ministry teams can combine similar goals, actions, dates, and budgets to reduce redundancies.


The C.A.R.E. Program

C.A.R.E. Program Agencies were duplicating some services and not providing others Confidentiality issues were preventing successful partnerships Turfism was stopping progress.


What Do Boundaries Look Like?

Rigid boundaries bring about turfism and lead to lack of cooperation. W HAT D O Y OU N EED TO M ANAGE B OUNDARIES W ELL ? 1. Leader's Role: The leader recognizes, mediates, and sets boundaries.



All recognized the silo phenomenon and reported the presence of such issues in their states (sometimes referred to as 'turfism'). All also identified at least some measures in place or underway to address them.


Local Collaboration and Decision-Making

TURFISM "Turfism" is an issue that often surfaces in discussions about transportation coordination. Simply defined, "turfism" means "This is my program, my funding, my clients, etc., and nobody, especially you, can do a better job of providing transportation services than I."


Critical Initiatives at Risk?

... 3576 [p] www.reynoldspoulson.com Vision • Stakeholder alignment • Clear view of success • Clear work-back plan • Inspiration/motivation Strategic Initiative Challenges Technology Deployment Mergers & Acquisitions Business Reinvention Schedules slip    Business goals are not achieved    Turfism ...


Root Cause Analysis

... and Private Sector) Problems Identified Intended Goals Barriers/ Constraints Actions Institutional framework (development and/or enhancement) Multiplicity of institutions, laws and regulations; Lack of land use policy Rationalized system for environmental management; Reduction in land use conflicts Turfism; Land ...


Managing Meetings

Planning Basics, August 2004 IV-3 H ow do you feel when someone proposes a meeting? If you are like most people, you groan and expect to be bored, have your time wasted, cope with other people's turfism, and get nothing done.


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