The Townhouse

Originally Published in the Journal of the Emeryville Historical Society Vol. II no. 3-4, December 1991 The Townhouse Moonshine to Caviar: The History of an Emeryville Landmark.

Lowrise Townhouses in Seattle

URBAN NEIGHBORHOODS - MULTIFAMILY CODE UPDATE White Paper: Townhouses The popularity of the townhouse Across Seattle, average sale prices for townhouses are consistently on par with increasing resale values for standard two-bedroom, one-bath single family houses in Seattle.


CONDOMINIUM VS. TOWNHOUSE A townhouse is an attached unit where living area is on multi-floors and a condominium is an attached unit where living area is on one floor, right?

Single Family, Duplex, or Townhouse

Single Family, Duplex, or Townhouse Building Permit Application (This package contains forms and illustrations to assist an applicant in applying for a building permit for a single family dwelling, a duplex, or townhouses) Town of Boone Development Services Department 1510 Blowing Rock Road ...

Welcome to the Townhouses!

Welcome to the Townhouses! June 2010. At Cornell University. Congratulations on being selected to live in the Townhouse Community during the 2010– 2011 Academic Year.


the knoxville i townhouse 22'-0"/26'-9" x 27'-6" 3 br - 1 1/2 baths designed for full basement or crawl space foundation townhouse plan 2 story multi-family division 1193 sq. ft. per dwelling please see the reverse side of this sheet for additional information and home plans.

Toronto Urban Design Guidelines• Building-Type

18 City of Toronto Urban Development Services Building Form Townhouse developments should use the existing or 'natural' grade, or ground level, and blend into the context of the neighbourhood.


HUNTINGTON CONTINENTAL TOWNHOUSE ASSOCIATION, INC. Professionally Managed By Action Property Management, Inc. 2603 Main Street, Suite 500, Irvine, CA 92614-4261 (949) 450-0202 (800) 400-2284 (949) 450-0303 fax Date: December 6, 2010 To: Huntington Continental Homeowners From ...

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