The Human Torso

Name_____Date _____ © 2003 Educational Insights, Inc. EI-5404 Human Body: Torso The Human Torso Locate the following body parts on your model and read about their function.

Torso -Interface with X-STATIC®

Also distributed by: Torso -Interface with X-STATIC ® Knit with the magic of silver. Building on over 80 years of medical textile innovations, Knit-Rite ® brings the most effective antimicrobial agent available and enhanced therapeutic characteristics to the Torso-Interface ® products with X ...

Isometric Torso Rotation Strength: Effect of Training ...

64 Isometric Torso Rotation Strength: Effect of Training Frequency on Its Development Pamela L. DeMichele, MS, Michael L. Pollock, PhD, James E. Graves, PhD, Daniel N. Foster, MS, David Carpenter, MS, Linda Garzarella, MS, William Brechue, PhD, Michael Fulton, MD ABSTRACT.

Muscles of the Head, Neck, and Torso

Some definition Some definition • aponeurosis -A sheetlikefibrous membrane, resembling a flattened tendon, that serves as a fascia to bind muscles together or as a means of connecting muscle to bone. any of the deeper and thicker fascia that attach muscles to bones; resemble flattened tendons ...

Modeling Nonpenetrating Ballistic Impact on a Human Torso

84 JOHNS HOPKINS APL TECHNICAL DIGEST, VOLUME 26, NUMBER 1 (2005) J. C. ROBERTS ET AL . W Modeling Nonpenetrating Ballistic Impact on a Human Torso Jack C. Roberts, Paul J. Biermann, James V. O'Connor, Emily E. Ward, Russell P. Cain, Bliss G. Carkhuff, and Andrew C. Merkle hen soldiers or law ...

Torso Track 2 Spec Sheet FRONT

Torso Track 2 is quality made with features you'dexpecton machines costing hundreds more. The solid steel frame guarantees years of use while the padded handles and knee pad offer exercise comfort.

How To Make A Torso Casting

*How To Make A Torso Casting While a torso is quite a bit bigger than a casting such as a hand or a face, creating a torso cast is actually a lot simpler than it initially seems.


THE ROLE OF THE MID-TORSO IN SPEED DEVELOPMENT The mid-torso is made up of 4 major muscle groups: 1. Rectus Abdominus Origin Base of sternum and bottom ribs

Ironman Articles

Nautilus System Torso Machines The Arthur Jones Collection Nautilus System Torso Machines Ironman Advertisement Using three types of readily-available Nautilus Torso Machines, two cycles of four exercises performed in a total period of less than eight minutes will produce the maximum-possible ...


Forget ab rollers, trainers and crunchers. Stop doing hundreds of sit-ups, leg lifts, knee pulls and twists. All of those exercises are a thing of the past with Torso Track.

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