The Missouri Tobacco Quitline - Call. It’s free. It works ...

T he Missouri Tobacco Quitline can help Missourians stop using tobacco. The Quitline offers telephone and online counseling and resource materials to assist individuals


Tobacco Profile Tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff, and loose pipe tobacco, contain the dried, processed leaves of the tobacco plant Nicotiana rustica or Nicotiana tabacum .

Strategic Plan for A Tobacco-Free Arizona

Strategic Plan for A Tobacco-Free Arizona Prepared and Submitted by: Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of Tobacco Education and Prevention


Tobacco 'We are at a critical juncture in the fight against tobacco. As future public health professionals who will deal with the tragedy of the tobacco epidemic, we should urge our Senators and Representatives, to support increased taxes on tobacco, full authority for the FDA, and no immunity ...


Tobacco Use in the USA ∞ High school students who are current (past month) smokers: 19.5% or 3.4 million [Boys: 19.8% Girls: 19.1%] ∞ High school males who currently use smokeless tobacco: 15.0% [Girls: 2.2%] ∞ Kids (under 18) who try smoking for the first time each day: 4,000 ∞ Kids ...

State Cig Excise Tax Rates and Rankings 12-23-11

1400 I Street NW - Suite 1200 - Washington, DC 20005 Phone (202) 296 - 5469 · Fax (202) 296 - 5427 · Overall All States ’ Average: $1. 4 6 per pack Major Tobacco States ’ Average: 48.5 cents per pack Other States ’ Average: $1. 59 per ...

Flue-Cured Tobacco

Crop Insured The crop insured will be all the tobacco in which you have a share, in the county for which a premium rate is provided in the actuarial documents.

Relevance of Findings for Alcohol Research

The Effects of Tobacco Use During and After Pregnancy on Exposed Children Relevance of Findings for Alcohol Research Marie D. Cornelius, Ph.D., and Nancy L. Day, Ph.D Alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy have both been associated with a number of adverse effects on the growth, cognitive ...

Smokeless Tobacco Fact Sheets

Smokeless Tobacco Fact Sheets Introduction Smokeless tobacco products have been in existence for thousands of years among populations in South America and Southeast Asia.

Tobacco, Heart Disease and Stroke

1 of 2 Tobacco, Heart Disease and Stroke Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the U.S. and in Utah. The most common forms of cardiovascular disease are heart disease and stroke.

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