TIDES What causes tides? How are tides predicted? 1. Tides are the regular rise and fall of sea level that occurs either once a day (every 24.8 hours) or twice a day (every 12.4 hours).



1 TIDES TIDES "I derive from the celestial phenomena the forces of gravity with which bodies tend to the sun and several planets. Then from these forces, by other propositions which are also mathematical, I deduce the motions of the planets, the comets, the moon, and the sea.-Sir Isaac Newton, 1686



Oceanography 10, T. James Noyes, El Camino College 7A - 1 Oceanography 10, T. James Noyes, El Camino College 7A - 1 Tides TIDE BASICS What are tides?


Lesson 10: Tides

1 Lesson 10: Tides Lesson 10: Tides ■ Learning Objectives : - Comprehend general causes and types of tides. - Understand tidal reference planes and their uses as depth and height references on nautical charts.



1 Tides MSCI 301 Physical Oceanography Coastal Carolina University MSCI 301 -Physical Oceanography 2 Outline: •Earth, Moon, Sun •Forces Causing Tides •Equilibrium Tidal Theory •Types of Tides •Limitations of the Equilibrium Theory •Dynamic Theory •Amphidromic Systems •Tidal ...


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Explorer Education Programme Lesson Plan: What causes Tides? For marine related lesson plans, worksheets and activities see www. marine. ie TIDES Aim / Description: Before introducing the concept of tides, students should understand the structure of the Earth and how it functions in the solar ...


The Moon Made Me Do It!

oceanservice.noaa.gov 1 Tides The Moon Made Me Do It!



Tides Tides are a result of the gravitational pull of the Moon, S other planets on the ocean. Since the ocean can easily deform and the solid Earth can very much anyway), water accumulates in association wi alignment of these bodies with the Earth. solid earth surface deformed surface (oceans ...


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