XUPV5-LX110TAurora 8B/10B Design Simulation and Synthesis

Simulating the Example Design • The design includes several scripts to assist the user in running theXilinx ISE software. • The Aurora8B/10Bcoreprovidesa command line script to simulate the example design.

Xilinx System Generator v2.1 for

Xilinx System Generator v2.1 2 Xilinx Development System Preface About the Tutorials This set of tutorials is a beginner's guide for designers unfamiliar with the features of theXilinx System Generator software, v2.1 and later.

Xilinx Constraints Guide

Period(PERIOD) TimingIgnore(TIG) TimingName(TNM) TimingNameNet(TNM_NET) TimingConstraints TheXilinx®softwareenablesyoutospecifyprecisetimingrequirementsforyourXilinxdesigns.These

Testing FPGADevices Using JBits

This pa per discusses the use of Xilinx'sJBits(tm) Too lkit, to provide in-system test using run-timereconflguration for theXilinx Virtex(tm) family of devices. 1 Introduction Testing of digital integrated circuits is a generally di-cult task[1].

AGenetic Representation for Evolutionary Fault Recovery in ...

Experiments were run using a software model of theXilinx Virtex FPGA.We report that using fourVirtex combinational logic blocks, we were able to evolvea 100%accurate quadrature decoder nite state machine in the presence of a stuck-at-zero fault. 1 Introduction Numerous advantages of Field Programmable ...

Accelerate FPGA Macros with One-Hot Approach

The logic block in theXilinx XG-3000 series, for in­ stance, can implement any function of five or less inputs. In contrast, a PAL macrocellisfedby each input to the chip and all of the flip-flops.

64-bit Floating-Point FPGA Matrix Multiplication

For our prototype designs, we consider the Xilinx Virtex II Pro FPGA and theXilinx ISE6.0 design environment. Table 1 presents detailed synthesis data on the implementation of a single PE.

Negotiated A*Routing for FPGAs∗

While the basic routing algorithm used in this new router is sim-ilartotheone described recently in[15], an important extension has been made to support routing structures commonly found in commercial devices such as those in theXilinx XC4000 series.

Acceleration of Fluoro-CT Reconstruction fora Mobile

The high-level architectural diagrams of theXilinx Virtex-2,12 and Altera Stratix-2 13 are shown in Figure 1. Commodity PCGPUs provide an adequate platform for general-purpose parallel scientiflc computing applications using the SIMD (Same Instruction Multiple Data) processing model.

Synthesis Algorithm for Application-Specific Homogeneous ...

We demonstrate our methods and tools by running real-life applications on theXilinx FPGA platform,which adds more credibility compared to the pure simulation methods.

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