50mm compact refractor

Instruction Manual 50AZ-T 50mm Compact Refractor Telescope Limited Warranty Every Meade telescope, spotting scope, and telescope accessory is warranted by Meade Instruments Corporation ("Meade") to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of original ...

TAKING A CLOSER LOOK Examining Light and Telescopes

TELESCOPE DESCRIPTIONS James Webb Space Telescope The James Webb Space Telescope is a large space telescope scheduled for launch in 2013. JWST is designed to study the earliest galaxies and some of the first stars formed after the Big Bang.

Delivers Earth and Beyond KS2 National Curriculum ... An e-learning credits subscription service •Easy to use -Interactive webpages for students filled with exciting animations, models and simulations •Every pupil gets the chance to order their own images from the telescope •Online marking and instant feedback for ...

6" LS-6 ACF and 6" LS-6 SC Telescopes with AutoStar III Hand ...

WARNING! Never use a Meade ® LS-6 ™ Telescope to look at the Sun! Looking at or near the Sun will cause instant and irreversible damage to your eye.

The Telescope

Physics 1040 Beginning Astronomy Bob Moore September 20, 2005 The Telescope In class that day I had no clue what to do my research paper on. The deadline for the topic was eminent.

New Generation Ground-Based Optical/Infrared Telescopes

Each telescope of the Pan-STARRS survey telescope will have a 1.4-Gigapixel camera and the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope will have a single 3.2-Gigapixel camera.


2 Zhumell customers know that there are plenty of ways to experience the world. They also understand that, however you choose to explore it, the best experience is one that fully immerses you in the world's most striking details.

Telescopes Do the Pre-Lab BEFORE Arriving to the Lab

Telescopes Lab 2 1 name Telescopes Do the Pre-Lab BEFORE Arriving to the Lab Picture taken form the Yerkes Observatory site at This is a picture of the world's largest refractor telescope, the 40 inch Yerkes Telescope.

Refractors Give the Best Planetary Images

There are a number of myths which have been prevalent lately that could do with some explanation. Misunderstanding telescope designs can lead to an amateur astronomer purchasing a telescope which is not ideal for his needs.

Telescope Casual

A Storied Past, A Bright Future * In*New*York*City*in*1903,*the*Telescope*Cot*Bed*&*Novelty*Company*started*manufacturing*cots*and*campstools*with* "telescoping"*legs*that*gave*the*fledgling*company*its*unique*name.

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