1 2011 BAR COVERAGE FOR TAXATION I. General Principles of Taxation A. Definition and Concept of Taxation B. Nature of Taxation C. Characteristics of Taxation D. Power of Taxation Compared With Other Powers 1.


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Government Spending, Taxation, and Deficits

2 Taxes, spending, and the federal deficit are major issues in every Presidential campaign and are sure to be again in 2012. Congress struggles with how to respond to a record-breaking deficit, whether with spending cuts (but whose favorite program gets cut?) or higher taxes (always unpopular ...

Taxation, Forced Labor, and Theft

T HE I NDEPENDENT R EVIEW 220 E DWARD F ESER critics of libertarianism who have paid them any attention, and they themselves provide a powerful prima facie case for libertarianism.


The directive also provides for the taxation in the EU, in case a non-EU financial institution is involved in a financial transaction with a party in the EU, ...

Taxation, Innovation and the Environment: A Policy Brief

September 2011 1 Taxation, Innovation and the Environment: A Policy Brief The OECD recently analysed the impact of environmentally related taxes and similar instruments on innovation activity by firms and households in the book Taxation, Innovation and the Environment (2010) .

Highlights of German Taxation

StB Dipl.-oec. Albert Rädler, DESS 1 WWW.TAXATION.DE Highlights of German Taxation In this paper a number of issues are discussed which are particular or of special importance to German taxation.


National Tax Journal, June 2011, 64 (2, Part 1), 255-284 MILLIONAIRE MIGRATION AND STATE TAXATION OF TOP INCOMES: EVIDENCE FROM A NATURAL EXPERIMENT Cristobal Young and Charles Varner This paper examines the migration response to a millionaire tax in New Jersey, which raised its income tax rate ...


tures of ments u Cooperative Financing and Taxation The field of cooperative finance is very specialized. The fea-a cooperative make its fi nique and, consequently, n ancial.ot we1 characteristics 1 understood by and require-' many in the financial community.

Corporate Reorganization – Taxation

Corporate Reorganization - Taxation Outline Corporate Reorganization - Taxation I. Acquisitive reorganizations A. Introduction 1. Historical background Historical nonrecognition policy for reorganization if shareholder receives new stock with no aggregate change in value in exchange for their ...

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