OFFICE OF THE RECTOR SYIAH KUALA UNIVERSITY BANDA ACEH WELCOME TO SYIAH KUALA UNIVERSITY Yoe are cordially invited to visit all the facilities of our growing educational institution, an institution of increasing importance in both the province of Aceh and in Indonesia.


COMPARISON OF SUNNI AND SHI'A ISLAM There are two main sects in Islam: Sunni and Shi'ite . Sunni Islam is the largest denomination, although in some countries it is a minority.

A syntactic analysis of the Acehnese phrase structure: The ...

aspects of the Acehnese language conducted by the Universitas Syiah Kuala and The State Institute of Islamic Studies (IAIN) Ar-Raniry funded by “Proyek


NADi Editorial NADi 03 E ditor's Comments U lasan Editor I slam does not encourage Muslims to live in isolation. Instead, we are encouraged to interact with the bigger community we live in. Muslims ought to have no problems doing this.

Contemporary Implications

[Are the Shi'ites out of Islam?], Al-Islam 20, no. 232, April 1993, pp. 8-9 [in Malay], Ustaz Ashaari Muhammad, Bahaya syiah [The Shi'ite danger] (Kuala Lumpur, 1987) [in Malay], Mustaffa Suhaimi, "Syiah: Mencabar akidah umat Islam" [Shi'ah: Challenging the 'aqidah of the Muslim ummah ], Al-Islam 20, no ...

Contents (Isi Kandungan)

3 (Koop Negeri 61) P.O. Box No. 121, BAYAN LEPAS FREE INDUSTRIAL ZON PHASE III 11900 PENANG TEL: 604-253 6609 FAX: 604-253 5162 NOTICE OF REPRESENTATIVE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (Notis Mesyuarat Agung Perwakilan Tahunan) Notice is hereby given that the 28 th Representative Annual General Meeting ...


llyas Ismail, Tipologi Sengketa Tanah dan Altenatif Penyelesaiannya KANUN No. 47 Edisi Agustus 2009 291 TIPOLOGI SENGKETA TANAH DAN ALTERNATIF PENYELESAIANNYA (The Typology of Land Dispute and It's Alternatife Resolution) Oleh: Ilyas Ismail * * * *) ABSTRACT Kata Kunci: Tipologi Sengketa Tanah ...

South Australian NTA Inc network consists of:

The network is established at the following locations: MUSLIM AMIREN was born in Pidie (Sigli - Aceh) and gained a Bachelor of Mathematics from Syiah Kuala University, Aceh in 1998 and a Master of Information Technology at the University of South Australia in 2004.

Indonesian Masters program delivers on its promise

AYS graduates Jeliteng Pribadi, Faisal, Muhammad Ilhamsyah Siregar, Muhammad Nasir, Putri Bintusy Syathi, Miksalmina and Ihsan are economics faculty members at Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh.

Evaluation of coral reef condition in Pulau Rubiah water ...

Project team Muhammad Nasir (University of Syiah Kuala, Team leader) Matthew Linkie (University of Kent, Project Advisor) Yoshi Ota ( University of Kent, Marine Management) Edi Rudi (University of Syiah Kuala, Marine Biologist) Muclisin Z. A. (Biologist, Fisheries) Cut Nanda Defira (Biologist ...

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