Survival analysis

Recommended texts •Survival analysis: A Self-learning text-David G. Kleinbaum, Springer.-An excellent tutorial on survival analysis, including Cox proportional hazards •Primer of Biostatistics-Stanton Glantz, McGraw-Hill-Chapter 11 gives a very understandable introduction to survival analysis

Desert Survival Exercise Expert Ranking

Desert Survival Exercise Expert Ranking Please refer to comments for the Expert Ranking. This is given by the designer of this exercise Alonzo V Pond, a survival expert who spent a lot of time in the Sahara Desert during the World War2.


A BSTRACT A common metric in Petroleum Engineering is "Mean Time Between Failures" or "Average Run Life". It is used to characterize wells and artificial lift types, as a metric to compare production conditions, as well as a measure of the performance of a given surveillance & monitoring program.


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1 How to Build a Churn Model

1 Survival Data Mining for Customer Insight When I am trying to understand a company's customers using data collected in its databases, my first inclination is to apply survival data mining.


DESERT SURVIVAL To survive and evade in arid or desert areas, you must understand and prepare for the environment you will face. You must determine your equipment needs, the tactics you will use, and how the environment will affect you and your tactics.

Estimating and modelling relative survival

The StataJournal ( yyyy ) vv , Number ii , pp. 1{24 Estimating and modelling relative survival PaulW. Dickman Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, Sweden Enzo Coviello Department of Prevention ASL BAT/1 Minervino Murge, Italy Michael Hills Retired Abstract.

Winter Storm Survival Kit for Travelers

Winter Storm Survival Kit for Travelers People planning travel this winter season need to be prepared for the elements. Plan your trip and check the latest weather reports to avoid the storm.

FEMA Protection in the Nuclear Age

First, read and understand available survival information. This publication contains survival information which can generally be used anywhere in the United States.

Program Title: Adaptations for Survival

Shenandoah National Park Education Program Adaptations for Survival 8/21/2007 Program Title: Adaptations for Survival Suggested Grade Level: 3 rd Maximum Group Size Per Day: 60 students (plus chaperones) Overview Living things use adaptations to respond to life needs for survival.

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