THE PROBLEM OF EVIL, PAIN, AND SUFFERING by David L. Lipe, Ph.D. Probably no charge has been made with greater frequency or with more intensity against the Christian faith than that the existence of evil cannot be harmonized with the existence of the infinite God of the Bible.

Self, Suffering, Clinging, and the Five Aggregates

Self, Suffering, Clinging, and the Five Aggregates © Harold Hedelman, 2007 Here's the summary: Self and suffering are synonymous and caused by clinging (aka craving) to the five aggregates.


TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER A: JUDAISM'S EXCEPTIONAL SENSITIVITY TO SUFFERING 6 i- Difference between relating to our own suffering as opposed to relating to others'pain ii- Historical Jewish sensitivity to pain iii- Degrees of Suffering CHAPTER B: DEFINITION & LIMITATIONS ...

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2 Why Does God Allow Suffering? 3 A World Plagued With Human Suffering S uffering. It’s not a pleasant subject to discuss, but a necessary one.

Isaiah 53 and the Suffering Servant

The Suffering Servant Introduction I. Before partaking of the Lord's Supper brethren will often read from fifty-third chapter of Isaiah and contemplate the suffering Christ endured on the cross (Isa 53:1-12).


Pastor E.C. Keating James 1:2-6 "Christian Living For Dummies," SUFFERING The advice in our reading from James is as basic and fundamental as we can get, and yet it is overlooked by even veteran Christians.

Hunger in America

Hunger in America Suffering We All Pay For By Donald S. Shepard, Elizabeth Setren, and Donna Cooper October 2011


1 GOD, EVIL, AND SUFFERING Daniel Howard-Snyder In Reason for the Hope Within (Eerdmans 1999), ed. Michael J. Murray 1. EVIL AND SUFFERING Not long ago, an issue of my local paper reminded its readers of Susan Smith, the Carolinan mother who rolled her Mazda into a lake, drowning her two little ...

Evil, Pain, and Suffering

EVIL, PAIN, AND SUFFERING M any through the ages have abandoned their belief in God because of the presence of evil, pain, and suffering in their lives or in the lives of those close to them.

Christian Reflection

S TUDY G UIDES & L ESSON P LANS These six study guides integrate Bible study, prayer, worship, and reflection on themes in the Suffering issue.

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