Internal Functions&Subroutines

Sub-programs, or procedures as they are often called, come in two different forms a 'SUBROUTINE'ora'FUNCTION'. They are positioned inside the main program unit after the program execution statements and after a 'CONTAINS'statement.

Chapter 4 The Stack, Subroutines, Interrupts and Resets

The software used in response to the interrupt signal is called an interrupt service subroutine . After the interrupt service subroutine is executed, the CPU returns to the original program segment and resumes execution as if no interrupt has occurred.

Newton'sMethodAsA Subroutine

Newton'sMethodAsA Subroutine David Arnold February 11,2003 Abstract In the activity Newton'sMethod, we coded a program that used Newton'srootfinding method to find the roots of a function coded in a module.


These structures are used • to retain register information whenever the processor interrupts its regular flow of fetching and executing instructions in their normal sequence. • to call subroutine or • whenever some external device signals that it needs special attention. • to retain information ...


Subroutine Prototypes If your subroutines are likely to be used by someone else, you might want to consider using subroutine prototypes. You'll also need to think about these if you're planning on passing more than one array to a subroutine.

Lecture 6: Subroutines I

Microprocessor-based System Design Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna Wright State University 2 Introduction to subroutines What is a subroutine? A subroutine is a coherent sequence of instructions that carriesout a well-defined function Conceptually, a subroutine is similar to a function call in a high-level ...

Subroutines (Textbook Chapter 9)

CMPE12 – Winter 2009 – Joel Ferguson 7 - 2 Subroutines • Blocks can be encoded as subroutines • A subroutine is a program fragment that: – lives in user space – performs a well-defined task – is invoked (called) by a user program – returns control to the calling program when ...

ICD-O-3 to ICD-O-2 Conversion Subroutine

ICD-O Third Edition to ICD-O Second Edition Conversion Subroutine ICD-O-3 to ICD-O-2 Conversion Subroutine

RT-11 FORTRAN subroutines for X-Y plotting on Hewlett-Packard ...

Subroutine PRINT, ich is used to send character strings to the terminal, and GETSTR, which is used to get character strings from the terminal, are in the RT-11 subroutine library SYSLIB.

Subroutines and the Stack

Lab 5 Subroutines and the Stack - 1 - 5.1 Objectives: A subroutine is a reusable program module. A main program can call or jump to the subroutine one or more times.

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