A Stitch In Color

23202 12 23205 11* 23204 12* PS23200 Super Star Baby Quilt 34" x 30" 23208 16* 23207 11 2 2011 fall 23203 12* 23208 11 S imple, graphic patterns and bold colors defi ne this collection and, frankly, my design aesthetic.


STITCH CLASSIC The Classic model is patterned after Craftsman carriage houses; it is designed to fit into historic residential and mixed-use neighborhoods such as Winn Park.


Thus, knowing and understanding the proper stitch to use is important to the item's appearance as well as its function and longevity. Depending on the stitch and its use, ...

USBlindstitch Maintenance

ADJUSTING THE LENGTH OF STITCH 1. It is rarely necessary to change the length of the stitch on U.S. BLIND STITCH machines once they have been preset at the factory.

Peace on Earth

Stitch count: 76H x 89W Design size: 5 1 /2" x 6 3 /8" Instructions: Cross stitch over two threads, using two strands of floss or one strand of very fine braid.

The DRAWtoStitch Embroidery Software

Corel DRAWings 2 can convert anybitmapinto cross-stitch, greatly simplifying the design process. It does the work for you-from determining template design to stitch density.

Serger Stitches

The four-thread stitch looks like two rows of topstitching on the right side and a decorative stitch on the underside. 2.220 Sergers, originally used in industrial sewing venues, are a boon to home sewers.

A Song from the Heart: Tassel-Making Instructions

Tassel—Make a 2" tassel, using DMC ® 612 and 613 and referring to tassel-making instructions on page 61 of the February 2010 issue of Just CrossStitch.

Hand Stitches

Stitch Best Use Tailor's Tacks • Mark fabric for construction: darts, folds, match points, etc. Whipstitch • Join one finished edge to another Buttonhole/Blanket • Overcast edges • Make hand-stitched buttonholes • Decorative or functional depending on closeness of stitches French Tack ...


C 1:1 - Straight Stitch For all kinds of sewing in woven fabrics. A 1:2 - Stretch Stitch For seams in tricot and stretch fabrics. A 1:3 - Reinforced Straight Stitch For seams which are subject to considerable strain.

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