NATIONAL SMOKEJUMPER TRAINING GUIDE-USFS-2008 2 PREFACE The Smokejumper program, in order to be viable and productive, must be a safe program. From upper management to the first year jumper, every effort should be made to ensure safety is the number one priority in carrying out the smokejumper ...


Use of this Guide: The information contained in this guide is provided as a reference to supplement the National Weather Service's spotter training film and slide series.


1 I. INTRODUCTION The Spotter's Role The National Weather Service (NWS) has a number of devices for detecting severe thunderstorms. Included in these are radar, satellite, and lightning detection networks.

SPOTTER SPOTTER SPOTTER SPOT 3500 3500 POWER SPOT 50 50 50 50 Generatori per saldatura a scarica capacitiva e a resistenza Power source for capacitor discharge and resistance welding Stromquellen zum kapazitive Entladung- und Widerstandschweissen Générateurs pour la soudure à décharge ...

Instructions For Students

Spotter will interpret correctly. First, everything you type will be smashed down to one line of text, elimi-natingthe superscripts and subscripts.

Storm Spotter Basics

Storm Spotter Activation Guidelines NWS La Crosse This information was developed to help answer questions and serve as suggested guidance for spotter activation.

MCWP 3-16.6 Supporting Arms Observer, Spotter, and Controller

Supporting Arms Observer, Spotter, and Controller MCWP 3-16.6 Supporting Arms Observer, Spotter, and Controller

Weather Spotters - What to Report

Weather Spotters - What to Report National Weather Service - San Diego Submit online : Click on wfo=sgx Flooding!

MX Series EO/IR Dual Channel Day and Night Spotters

See First. Act First. Demonstration The two images below show a parking lot located on an unlit city street at night. The left image is from the MX-15 3CCD Color Day Spotter.

Vehicle Backing Safety FactSheet

The driver and spotter should use hand signals instead of verbal ones and make sure they understand each other's signals. Don't have the spotter walking backwards while giving instructions.

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