State of Wisconsin Investment Board

Spiekerman Private. Equity/Debt. Portfolio. Managers Chris. P.. Prestigiacomo Scott. A.. Parrish. A majority of the investment staff holds or is pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and the Board adheres to CFA standards.


Wisconsin Retirement System Investing over $79 billion of the ...

Wisconsin Retirement System Investing over $79 billion of the Wisconsin . Retirement System assets



1 Trust Fund returns start slow, rebound in March May 2010 :: Published For Wisconsin Retirement System Participants SWIB REPORT A recent study by the Pew Center on the States is making news because of the poor scores given to most states for public pension management.


Wisconsin Coalition of Annuitants

1 Wisconsin Coalition of Annuitants www.wicoa.org Minutes of Meeting February 16, 2011 The meeting was held at the Wisconsin Professional Police Association Building, 304 Coyier Lane


A Quarterly Message from the CEO

... Kathe Reitman and Bennet Serkin Ms. Rosemary Shockman Ms. Nancy Silver Drs. Armity and John Simon Mr. and Mrs. Leslie H. Small Karen and James Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard Snell Dr. and Mrs. Volker K. Sonntag Mr. and Mrs. Scott Spangler Sperry Top Sider Dr. and Mrs. Robert Spetzler Mr. and Mrs. Carl Spiekerman Mr ...


Annual Report

Our Mission Person-to-Person is a volunteer-driven, community-supported agency that, through the sharing of goods and talents, responds to individuals and families who lack the basic necessities or resources to improve their lives . 2010 2009 Janet Evans Endowment Fund Net Assets $ 2,458,784 $ ...



Keith Lawton, Keith Lawton Consulting, David Simmonds, David Simmonds Consultancy (UK) 5:00 p.m. Adjourn THURSDAY, a.m. Continental Breakfast Workshop on Microsimulating Employment and Firms: London Retrospective a.m. Theoretical Underpinnings , Michael Wegener, Spiekerman-Wegener, Inc. a.m. Generating ...


For Further Information

For Further Information For Immediate Release Contact: Glenn Karwoski Karwoski & Courage 612-342-9649, cell: 651-338-8115 [email protected] or Jill Spiekerman Karwoski & Courage 515-971-9613 j.spiekerman@creativepr.com PLAINVIEW MILK PRODUCTS COOPERATIVE ISSUES VOLUNTARY RECALL FDA, USDA ...



Especially Mary Tumey, Tina Rice, Rose Quinn, Lori Copeland, Peggy Stockwell, Cindy Wooten, Rita Weber, Pat Wiita, Cheryl Ayers, Diane Grosvenor, Barb Garich, Kim and Don Goepper, Kristen and Rick Spiekerman, Tom Lang, Steven Wittenburg, Dave, Shannon, and Mackenzie Powell.


0.0. DPHS 568/BIOST 510, Biostatistics in Dentistry ...

Charles Spiekerman, PhD : Department of Dental Public Health Sciences Office: D-587,€ Phone: (206) 616-4363 . Email: [email protected] . Office Hours:


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