Sockets programming in Ruby

Socket options allow you to modify the way a socket works (as well as tweak the TCPandIPlayers for the socket). Using socket options, you can resize the I/O buffers, join a multicast group, or send broadcast messages (to name just a few possibilities).

SOCKET SELECTION Tel: 408.855.8527 Fax: 408.855.8528 Email: [email protected] web: 2001 46 Open-top, Flip-top, Auto-eject, thru-hole, surface-mount and custom I.C. sockets IC Sockets Socketing expensive IC's or holding the firmware during the debugging phase of a new design ...

Approved List for Meter Sockets Purchased by Customers

Consumers Energy Electric Meter Operations 1 May 2011 Customer Purchased Meter Sockets & Metering Equipment A Guide for the Proper Selection, Purchase and Use of Meter Sockets and Equipment Purchased by Our Customers For certain electric meter installations, customers will be required to ...

Java sockets 101

Section1. Tutorial tips Should Itakethis tutorial? Sockets, which providea mechanism for communication between two computers, have been around since long before the Java language was aglimmer in James Gosling'seye.


3340-B Greens Road, Suite 605 • Houston, TX 77032 Toll Free: 866.345.8484 • Phone: 281.449.9994 • Fax: 281.449.9996 • Email: [email protected] TECHNICAL FEATURES OF "Titan" IMPACT SOCKETS and DRIVING ACCESSORIES.

How to set up a Windows Socket project

Transitioning from UNIX to Windows Socket Programming Paul O'Steen Most applications use Sockets to write application that communicate over the Internet; unfortunately, the Sockets interface varies slightly between operating systems.

S-423T Super Terminator

- The innovative design will significantly increase the termination efficiency over existing wedge sockets available today. - Terminations on most ropes have a minimum efficiency rating of 80% of the rope’s catalog breaking strength.

Efficiency of Distributed Parallel Processing using Java RMI ...

Efficiency of Distributed Parallel Processing using Java RMI, Sockets, and CORBA Dr. Roger Eggen Dr. Maurice Eggen Department of Computer and Department of Computer Science Information Sciences Trinity University 78217 University of North Florida Jackson ville, Florida 32224 Abstract Software ...

Edward Tufte on Analytic Design

1/31/2011 3:58:58 PM Page 1 of 3 Edward Tufte on Analytic Design by bob quinn <[email protected]> "Clunky boxes, cartoony arrows, amateur typography, and colorful chart junk just degrade your presentation.


CLASS # 48 60 PC. COMBINATION SOCKET SET METRIC Three separate socket sets in 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" drives. They're drop forged heat treated, triple chrome plated and polished.

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