2011-12 NFHS Soccer Rules PowerPoint

2 National Federation of National Federation of State High School Associations State High School Associations About the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS): The NFHS Office is located on the White River State Park next tothe National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA ...


CSL LEAGUE REQUIREMENTS Applications go online ( beginning April 15 APPLICATION DEADLINE WILL BE MAY 15 (or the Monday following, if the 15 th falls on a weekend.)

10 Simple Soccer Rules for Baffled Parents

Definitions Caution - a disciplinary action in which the referee shows a player the yellow card (for violating a soccer rule, obviously). A second caution in the same match results in the player being shown the red card (ejected from the game).

The Official US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual

1 Dedication To the most important people in youth soccer today-the youth parent/ coach. Your efforts start the wheel of inertia that initiate a love of soccer for children, which through the help of countless others will provide the foundation for people to experience the joy of participation ...

Movable Soccer Goal Publication

Appendix A - List of Soccer Organ Appendix B - For Further Information.. Appendix C - Warning Labels Movable Soccer Goal Publication

Guide to Procedures

1 UNITED STATES SOCCER FEDERATION Hank Steinbrecher Executive Director/Secretary General Julie Ilacqua Chair, National Referee Committee FOREWORD The United States Soccer Federation adopts the procedures outlined in this pamphlet in order to standardize officiating techniques, signals, and ...

Mason Soccer Association for Youth (S.A.Y.) Spring 2012

Mason Soccer Association for Youth (S.A.Y.) Spring 2012 Guidelines/Policies/Information Necessary Equipment Please have your child bring or wear these items to every practice and game.


SPORTS REGULA T IONS 114 10. SOCCER — BOYS AND GIRLS A. GENERAL REGULATIONS 1) Interscholastic Participation 1.1) A player shall not be permitted to participate in more than three halves during any one day with a total of 38 halves for the season.

Soccer Coaching 3 to 5 Year Olds

Soccer Coaching 3 to 5 Year Olds Being a soccer coach for this age group does not require soccer skills. All you need is a positive attitude, a willingness to be silly (even at the expense

Highlighted policies and rules

SOCCER ***** ***** ***** ***** * Highlighted policies and rules LEAGUE FEE PAYMENT: Teams registering with partial payment MUST complete all credit card information.

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