"Art as Technique"

"Art as Technique"</I> file:///Users/trevormartin/Desktop/shklovsky1.htm 1 of 13 9/1/07 2:22 PM--Victor Shklovsky, "Art as Technique" [Born in 1893, Victor Shklovsky was a leading figure in the school of literary and linguistic theory known as Russian formalism, which flourished at the time of ...


1 Richard L. W. Clarke LITS3304 Notes 05A VIKTOR SHKLOVSKY "ART AS TECHNIQUE" (1917) Shklovsky, Viktor. "Art as Technique. " Russian Formalist Criticism: Four Essays.

Introduction Writing Judgment day EvgeNy DoBreNko

Introduction Writing Judgment day EvgeNy DoBreNko i f the founder of Russian formalism Viktor Shklovsky (the prototype for the poet Mikhail Shpolyansky in Bulgakov's novel White Guard ) was right, and literature does in fact exist for the purpose of "estrang-ing" (or "defamiliarizing") everyday ...

Take That, Potebnya

Take That, Potebnya Draft 1.1 2008-03-05 1 Take That, Potebnya Victor Shklovsky - Art as Technique This is a statement of Russian Formalist method.

Shklovsky, Viktor, THE PARODY NOVEL: STERNE'S "TRISTRAM SHANDY" , Review of Contemporary Fiction, 1:1 (1981:Spring) p.190

Foregrounding, defamiliarization, and affect: Response to ...

In this respect Mukaiovslj and Shklovsky, although they seem unaware of it, show continuity with earlier work by Coleridge and Shelley (Erlich, 1981: 179).

A Note on Defamiliarization

Victor Shklovsky, who coined the phrase, was thinking of literature in mechanical terms; he wanted to know how a text works, in the same way that a mechanic wants to know how a car works - this is the analogy Shklovsky often used.

A. History of Literary Theory and Criticism

Contemporary Literary Theory and Criticism Formalism/Structuralism Roland Barthes, "Death of the Author" Wayne Booth, *"Pluralism and Its Rivalry" Roman Jakobson, from Linguistics and Poetics Ferdinand de Saussure, from Course in General Linguistics Victor Shklovsky, *"Art as Technique" Yuri Tynyanov, *"On ...

Reading Erasures and Making the Familiar Strange ...

Defamiliarization and "Making Strange" The concept of defamiliarization (or in Russian, ostraneniye , literally "making strange") was introduced to literary theory by Russian formalist Victor Shklovsky.

Presence and Sound; Identifying Sonic Means to “Be there”.

(Hayakawa, in Kepes 1969) Additionally, Shklovsky discusses the pervasiveness of everyday experience and how we ignore our environment: "We live in a poor and enclosed world.

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