Washington Shellfish Initiative Page 1 December 9, 2011 WASHINGTON SHELLFISH INITIATIVE . The Washington State Shellfish Initiative is a convergence of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Rules - Shellfish FY2008

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Marine Resource Division Summary of Laws for Commercial Shellfishing with Legal References 2010-2011 This document should be kept on board all vessels employed for commercial shellfishing as a reference to regulation, not to supersede knowledge of ...

Shellfish, cholesterol and cardiovascular health

Eating shellfish as part of a balanced diet: Shellfish, cholesterol and cardiovascular health This leaflet is a guide for people who want to know more about cholesterol, diet and health.

Shellfish Industry Development Strategy

Acknowledgments This work has been produced with the help and input of a number of people in a variety of agencies. Many thanks to Gill Davies, Nick Smart, Norman Babbege, Rob Moore and Pete Jonas (Environment Agency) , Matthew Pursell and Peter Jordon (OF WAT) , Simon Kershaw (CE FAS) , Tracy ...

NOAA's State of the Coast Report

Today, most Americans consider shellfish more a delicacy than a staple. Nevertheless, the harvest, processing, distribution and consumption of shellfish, particularly oysters, make up an important industry, supporting thousands of jobs and generating hundreds of millions of dollars for the U.S. economy.

Shellfish Poisoning: Paralytic or Domoic Acid

Last Revised: January 2011 Washington State Department of Health Page 1 of 6 Shellfish Poisoning: Paralytic or Domoic Acid 1.

Molluscan Shellfish Handling for Retailers

Molluscan Shellfish Handling for Retailers — 35 — © 2001 Food Marketing Institute Introduction .....1 How To Use This Guide ...

Summary of Laws for Commercial Shellfishing with Legal ...

License Requirements: [Section 50-5-300, Section 50-5-310, Section 50-5-320, Section 50-5-325, Section 50-5-360, Section 50-5-965] Resident Non-Resident Saltwater Commercial License $25.00 $300.00 State Shellfish Grounds License $75.00 $375.00 Hand Held Equipment License No Charge No Charge Drag Dredge ...

Shellfish Industry Development Strategy

Background The Shellfish Industry Development Strategy (SIDS) is a UK industry-led project that aims to develop the UK wild-caught and cultivated shellfish industries in a manner that fully recognises the need for environmental and social sustainability as well as commercial development.

Shellfish Facts

The problem: fecal coliform bacteria Unacceptable levels of fecal coliform bacteria are to blame for the shellfish harvesting closures in the Nisqually Reach and Henderson Inlet.

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