The Genesis of Complex Sentences 1 THE GENESIS OF COMPLEX SENTENCES 1 JOHN LIMBER University of New Hampshire One of the most interesting and important aspects of language acquisition is the child's development of an ability to produce and understand complex sentences of various kinds.

Discovery of Topically Coherent Sentences for Extractive ...

Proceedings of the 49thAnnual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, pages 491-499, Portland, Oregon, June 19-24,2011. c 2011 Association for Computational Linguistics Discovery of Topically Coherent Sentences for Extractive Summarization Asli Celikyilmaz Microsoft Speech Labs ...

Presuppositions of Compound Sentences

Linguistic Inquiry Volume IV Number 2 (Spring, I973), I69-r93. Lauri Karttunen Presuppositions of Compound Sentences* o. In spite of the bumper crop of papers on presuppositions in recent books and journals, presupposition itself still remains a very unclear concept.'


Sentences Student Name: Instructions: Select Sentence, Run-On, or Fragment for each of the following.. 1. I went to visit my grandmother last Friday.

Introduction to inverse functions

Lesson Plan Title Introduction to Inverse Functions (Possible Sentences, p. 69, Beyond the Blueprint ) Lesson Plan Created by Paul Edelen; David Gross; Marlene Lovanio, CSDE Educational Consultant for Secondary Mathematics Grades 10-12 Subject Algebra 2 Content/Content Standards Addressed ...

Simple Sentences - Mrs.

Writing Descriptive Sentences

2006 Talibiddeen Jr. Writing Descriptive Sentences Activity: 1. Pick 12 nouns (from anywhere: a book, your unit study, the room you're in, outside, etc) Example: frog 1.


READING - Explicit / Implicit Relationships Within and Between Sentences Rev. Aug. 2005 EXPLICIT / IMPLICIT RELATIONSHIPS WITHIN and BETWEEN SENTENCES É Sentence comprehension may involve recognizing the relationship between parts of a sentence. É If the relationship within the sentence is ...


INTERPRETING SYNTACTICALLY ILL-FORMED SENTENCES Leonardo LESMO and Pietro TORASSO Dipartimento di Informatica - Universita' di Torino Corso Massimo D'Azeglio 42 - 10125 Torino - ITALY ABSTRACT The paper discusses three different kinds of syntactic ill-formedness: ellipsis, conjunctions, and ...

Chapter 1: Atomic Sentences

Copyright © 2004, S. Marc Cohen Revised 9/29/04 1-2 §1.3 Atomic sentences We write atomic sentences in the blocks language by combining a predicate (which always begins with a capital letter), followed by (in parentheses) one or more individual constants (which always begin with a lower case ...

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