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Block SelectRAM Interconnect 27 # of block SelectRAM columns Block SelectRAM Content 64 # of block SelectRAM columns 2 IOB s 2 IOB s 2 GCL K

Xilinx XAPP463 Using Block RAM in Spartan-3 Generation FPGAs ...

Summary For applications requiring large, on-chip memories, Spartan™-3 Generation FPGAs provides plentiful, efficient SelectRAM™ memory blocks.

Software Using Xilinx RAMs - Disadvantages of Instantiation

(ssrt in the case of Virtex-II) pins of the block SelectRAM primitive. Different write mode operations are supported for single-port RAM targeted for the Virtex-II

Xilinx Virtex-II 1.5V Platform FPGAs Data Sheet

Block SelectRAM Memory The block SelectRAM memory resources are 18Kb of True Dual-Port RAM, programmable from 16K x 1 bit to 512 x 36 bits, in various depth and width configurations.

Virtex FPGA Architecture

The Xilinx Virtex Series FPGA1 1/22/2001 ECE 554 1 The Xilinx Virtex Series FPGA •Virtex FPGA Structure •Specific Features-IOB-CLB -Function Generators, Flip-Flops, SRAM, and Fast Carry Logic-Three-State Buffers-Block SelectRAM-Programmable Routing Matrix-Clock Distribution (Delay-Locked ...

High Performance Architecture for Reciprocal Function ...

The virtex-II FPGA family incorporates large Blocks memories SelectRAM and provides fast arithmetic carry logic capability; we exploit these resources to implement our architecture on the XC2V80(-5) FPGA circuit with operating frequency over 31 MHz.

Xilinx Virtex-II Platform FPGA User Guide

UG002 (v1.3) 3 December 2001 155 Virtex-II Platform FPGA Handbook 1-800-255-7778 R 1 2 3 4 A B C D Chapter 2 Design Considerations Summary This chapter covers the following topics: • Using Global Clock Networks Using Digital Clock Managers (DCMs) Using Block SelectRAM ...

XAPP136 "Synthesizable 200 MHz ZBT SRAM Interface" v2.0 (1/00)

SelectRAM •Block SelectRAM+ •High-speed Interfaces SelectRAM Virtex and Spartan-II FPGAs provide SelectRAM or LUTs (Look-Up Tables) configured as small bits of RAM.

Single Event Upset Susceptibility Testing of the Xilinx ...

2) Static Configuration, Block SelectRam Test& Flip-Flops The second test captures static configuration and block SelectRam data through a MulitiLinx cable connected directly to the DUT through modifications made to the prototype board.

Xilinx Application Note XAPP202 Content Addressable Memory ...

There are two types of memory in the Virtex Family architecture, distributed SelectRAM+memory and Block SelectRAM+memory. Distributed SelectRAM+memory is built using the four, 4-input LUTsinaCLB.

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