MEDIA ADVISORY January 20, 2011 Contact: (202) 406-5708 GPA 01-11 MEDIA ADVISORY STATEMENT FROM DIRECTOR MARK SULLIVAN (Washington, D.C.) - The following is a statement from U.S. Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan on the death of Emergency Services Specialist Mark Falkenhan.

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The Secret Check

Chapter 4. Thales' Secret, or The Intelligence of Antifragility

A Simple Rule, Perhaps Too Simple 59 10/19/11 © Copyright 2011 by N. N. Taleb. This draft version cannot be disseminated or quoted. Chapter 4.

The 'Secret' Gospel of Mark F.F. Bruce

F.F. Bruce, The 'Secret' Gospel of Mark . The Ethel M. Wood Lecture delivered before the University of London on 11 February 1974. London: The Athlone Press, 1974.

a 1999 Secret Service study

The Selection and Clearance Process

Random Drug Testing All interns serving in positions which require a clearance for access to information classified as Secret or above will be subject to the Department's random employee drug-testing program.

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