Degrees, Minutes, Seconds, and Decimals

Degrees, Minutes, Seconds, and Decimals There are two different ways we can use degrees. One is a decimal measure, such as 24.5 degrees. The other is in degrees, minutes, and seconds, such as 24 degrees 30 minutes.

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Filter Design in Thirty Seconds

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Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe

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6 Seconds EQ Conference 2011

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Community Seconds Checklist

Community Seconds Checklist A Community Seconds provider or a lender may use this checklist to determine whether a subordinate mortgage program complies with Fannie Mae's guidelines for Community Seconds.


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Degrees, Minutes, Seconds

Degrees, Minutes, Seconds There are several ways to measure the size of an angle. One way is to use units of degrees. (Radian measure is another way.)

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