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Ranch Salad with Crispy Chicken 11.3 oz (319 g) 390 190 22 33 6 29 0 70 23 870 36 24 8 4 15 7 26 160 35 15 10 Premium Bacon Ranch Salad with Grilled Chicken 10.8 oz

Salad For One, Please

Page 4 Salad For One, Please The process of making an individual portion of fruit salad creates interest in the salad's contents. This lesson incorporates math and physical movement in addition to nutrition.

Customer Craft™ Chop't Classics™

Choose Your Lettuce Choose Your 4 FREE Choppings. Custom er Craft ™ Chop't Classics ™ Dressings one additional free chopping if ordered before noon each additional chopping: +.49 vegetables fresh beets jalapenos broccoli carrots corn cucumber red onion green peas snow peas fruit oranges ...


SAVE $1.00 ANY Fresh Express ® Artisanal Salads pay less for more flavor . SO FLAVORFUL dressing optional. DO NOT DOUBLE MANUFACTURER'S COUPONEXPIRES 02/28/11 DO NOT DOUBLE MANUFACTURER'S COUPONEXPIRES 02/28/11 Any Fresh Express ® Artisanal Salads Save $1 CONSUMER: One coupon per purchase.

custom craft ~ Customer Designed, Chopped & Tossed to Order.

SALAD $6.35 step 3: choose a dressing dressing premium toss-ins Meats & Seafood Beef Tenderloin Smoked Bacon Toasted Pepperoni Grilled Chicken Blackened Chicken Roasted Chicken Crispy Chicken Shrimp ...


WENDY’S ® BERRY ALMOND CHICKEN SALAD . Fact Sheet . Wendy’s ‐‐ the chain that brought the salad bar to fast‐food customers over 30 years ago, pioneered the

Nutritional information (per serving)

Drizzle liquid mixture over the salad, and toss until well combine d. Chill for about an hour. Nutritional information (per serving) ...

Customer Craft™ Chop't Classics™

NYCMenuCard_FRONT NYCMenuCard_FRONT. ©2009 CHOP'T CREATIVE SALAD CO. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 05/10 steak 5.79 6.59 7.79 7.79 6.29 7.29 8.59 8.59 mexican caesar ™ Cotija cheese, jalapeno and tortilla chips chop't with romaine lettuce with mexican caesar dressing chicken naked shrimp roast turkey ...

Lesson Plan C

Lesson Plan C Course: Fruits and Vegetables Galore - Helping Kids Eat More Module II: Tricks of the Trade - Preparing Fruits and Vegetables Lesson C: Salad Bars - Preparation and Safety Lesson Length: 90 minutes Lesson Equipment and Materials Equipment Overhead projector or Power Point Flip ...

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