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S addlebred M useum & G ift S hop The American Located at the Kentucky Horse Park SHOP IN COMFORT AT THE MUSEUM'S BOOTH IN THE NEW NORTH WING International Museum ofthe Horse Exhibit Dates Run Thru August 31,2008! "! " # $%& # $%& American Saddlebred Museum Exhibit Runs Thru December 30,2008 Over 150 new and unique ...


WCHS Results and Judges' Cards | 1| Saturday, August 23, 2008 By Alan F. Balch As the 2008 World's Championship Horse Show headed toward its final performances, the much anticipated retirement of perhaps the single most accomplished World's Champion across multiple sections of competition - CH ...

The Saddlebred

84 SEPTEMBER 2005 EQUESTRIAN America Made." This is a commonly heard phrase referring to the beautiful animal that is the American Saddlebred. Whether watching the stunning, powerful Five-Gaited World's Grand Champion Boucheron racking away with the red roses on the famous green shavings of ...

WC Sir William Robert

DAILY FRIDAY AUGUST 22, 2008 AMERICAN WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP HORSE SHOW NEWS AND RESULTS FROM THURSDAY, AUGUST 21, 2008 SADDLEBRED WC Sir William Robert 108359 WC Santana's Charm x Rebel Empress Undefeatedin Two- and Three-Year Old Fine Harness…


2011 Date Show Name & Location Contact Email and website April: Dayne Maple PO Box 753 Lucasville, OH 45648 740-464-5053 740-259-8027 [email protected] JUDGE: Tom Bombolis Mrs. Barbara Dunham 15503 US Route 23 Lucasville, OH 45648 740-259-4239 740-352-8562 cell shosec1 ...


T he American Saddlebred's versatility was proven in yet another way this spring. It's a trade-show horse, too! Over 80,000 people attended the Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio, April 12-15.

How, What and Why to do things with your American Saddlebred

WHAT is COUNTRY PLEASURE, PLEASURE, PERFORMANCE & PARK? (May 2011) These terms are used to describe divisions within the saddle seat style of showing (3 and or 5-Gaited), however all hunter and western divisions also fall within the Country Pleasure division.

WGC Bloodlines in the Sport Saddlebred

At this time of year, more than any other, breeders consider what it really takes to build the perfect beast; an American Saddlebred who will bring home the glory from the World's Championship Horse Show.

The Carolinas

NORTH CAROLINA 1. Allred, Steve, Heritage Farm- Saddlebred Training, Breeding, Sales, Instruction, Judging, Carriages. Steve and Anne Allred, owners/trainers, Sam Allred, trainer, 3930 Glenn High Road, Winston-Salem, 27107.

American Saddlebred Gaits

The American Saddlebred's graceful gaits are a joy to watch, but it's careful training that makes this breed a show stopper.

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