Symbol LS3578-ER - Rugged, cordless scanner with integrated ...

SPECIFICATION ShEET. Symbol LS3578-ER Rugged, cordless scanner with integrated Bluetooth . Scan bar codes over a wide range of distances The Symbol LS3578-ER rugged, cordless scanner provides the greatest working range of any available rugged scanner, allowing employees toscan items from as ...


*FOR *IMMEDIATE*RELEASE* CONTACT: *Frank*Marmion**** Shannon*Baker* * *****GatesmanMarmionD rake+Dave,*Inc.** GatesmanMarmionD rake+Dave,*Inc.* * *****412-381-5400*x104****4 12 -381-5400*x107* ***** [email protected]** [email protected]** * * RUGGED *WEARHOUSE*THANKS ...

Rugged and Connected: ML910 Rugged Notebook and MW810 Mobile ...

POSITION PaPer Rugged and Connected: ML910™ Rugged Notebook MW810 Mobile Workstation

WARRANTY / RETURN POLICY Limited Lifetime Warranty

Vinyl Snap Tonneau 200 Universal Dr. * Owosso, MI 48867 * 989-725-8354 * 1-800-433-3604 * Fax: 989-725-8409 * WARRANTY / RETURN POLICY Limited Lifetime Warranty COVERAGE: Rugged Liner warrants, to the original purchaser , that the Rugged Vinyl Snap Cover is free from defects ...

RuggedMC™ RMC40 1 RuggedMC™ RMC20 RuggedMC™ RMC40 4-Port Ethernet Media and Speed Converter The RMC40 is a 4-port unmanaged Ethernet switch that provides both copper-to-fiber media conversion as well as 10Mbps to 100Mbps speed conversion.

Mobilizing Field Forces on Smartphones

This ABI Research white paper examines the use of smartphones as tools for mobile field workers as a . replacement for rugged devices. For many field workers, ordinary smartphones can perform many of the


Meet the xTablet® C1200 rugged convertible tablet PC. The high-performance C1200 convertible tablet is speci*cally designed for the always-mobile professional who needs superior connectivity and access to business applications anytime, anywhere. RuggedMAX™ WiN5100 2 RuggedMAX™ WiN5100 1RuggedMAX™ WiN5100 WiMAX Vehicular Subscriber Unit Profile (MIMO) The WiN5100 is a member of the RuggedMAX™ family, a line

HP nr3610 Rugged Notebook PC

1. Wide-area Network Antennas 7. Power/Wireless Modem Indicators 2. Display Latches 8. Speakers 3. GPS and/or Bluetooth antenna 9. Touchpad 4. Power Button 10.

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