The RETAIN Statement

The RETAIN Statement Introduction 1 Demonstrating a DATA Step with and without a RETAIN Statement 1 Generating Sequential SUBJECT Numbers Using a Retained Variable 7 Using a SUM Statement to Create SUBJECT Numbers 9 Demonstrating That Variables Read with a SET Statement Are Retained 10 A Caution ...

The RETAIN Statement: One Window into the SAS â â Data Step

The RETAIN Statement: One Window into the SAS ® ® Data Step Paul Gorrell, Westat, Rockville, MD ABSTRACT The behavior (or, output) of any complex system is a result of the interaction of its various subsystems.

Customer Experience Management: Accelerating Business Performance

Microsoft Word - Customer Experience Management -- Accelerating Business Performance -- FINAL.doc

Allan Block AB Classic and Allan Block AB Stones

To complete the clause, select the appropriate wording from below. Highlighted text can be copied and pasted to save typing. D41 CRIB WALLS/ GABIONS/ DRYSTACK MASONRY 310 DRYSTACK INTERLOCKING MASONRY Allan Block ® AB Classic ( 6° Batter ) Retaining Wall Blocks ...

Election to Retain NonAppropriated Fund (NAF) Retirement ...

RI 38-134 April 2002 This form may be locally reproduced (Instructions on the reverse) Instructions: The Human Resources Office will complete Part 1 of this form and give it to the employee.

Mechanics of Drop Control in the orchard: Use of NAA, Retain ...

Mechanics of Drop Control in the orchard: Use of NAA, Retain and Harvista. S. A. Hoying and T.L. Robinson Department of Horticulture HVL and NYSAES, Cornell University Highland and Geneva, NY Fruit drop just before harvest is a serious problem for some apple varieties grown in New York.

Pump Up Productivity from the Next Generation:

Build Voluntary Benefits into Workplace Strategies to Attract, Engage and Retain Generation Y

How to Train — and Retain — Teachers

How to Train — and Retain — Teachers July 6, 2001 How to Train — and Retain — Teachers By VARTAN GREGORIAN or some time now, the nation has been warned that our schools will

Retaining, Lagging, Leading, and Interleaving Data

THE RETAIN STATEMENT "The RETAIN statement does not retain." What do "Crack this", "Help with Retain", and (my personal favorite,) "Pimpy Question" have to do with the RETAIN statement?


u.s. passport renewal application for eligible individuals please detach and retain this instruction sheet for your records can i use this form?

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