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Dinner Menu Bar Fare Kobe Beef Sliders gruyère • sautéed mushrooms & onions 13 Fish Tacos roasted tomatillo salsa 11 Roasted Garlic Frites kennebec • malt vinegar aïoli • chipotle ketchup 8 Panko Crusted Goat Cheese charred cherry pomodoro 8 Authentic Nachos spiced black beans • pico ...

Porta Bella Restaurant

Porta Bella Restaurant Established in 1968, Porta Bella has been known for its fresh pasta, homemade Italian dinners, pizza, steaks and seafood.

Restaurant Operations Manual

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Welcome to Charlie’s Restaurant...Welcome Home! Your proud hosts, Bob and Carla Palmateer named their restaurant In honor of Bob’s


1 beef sambussa 4 75 three thin dough shells fi lled with a blend of minced beef and herbs 2 chicken sambussa 4 75 three delicate dough shells fi lled with a blend of minced chicken, vegetable and herbs 3 tuna sambussa 4 75 three thin dough shells fi lled with shredded tuna, vegetables and herbs ...


1 7/18/2006 4500 S. Lakeshore Drive #595 Tempe, AZ 85282 (480) 491-0123 PRE-OPENING RESTAURANT CHECKLIST OPERATIONS Budgets & Accounting â Develop a Performa for project.

déjeuner ENTR É E S

Restaurant, bistro & café Brasserie Ouvert Tous les Jours déjeuner ENTR É E S TrouT AmAndine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24


SPECIALTY PIZZA GLUTEN-FREE crust (i0"$10.25 - Gourmet Pizza) WHOLEWHEAT crust (i2" add $1. ()() or 16" add$1.50) PIZZA GLUTEN-FREE crust (i0" $9.25 cheese only) WHOLEWHEAT crust (12" add $1.or

XANH Restaurant Menus

STARTERS XANH SALAD* marinated beef, mixed greens, yellow and red bell peppers, sliced mango, sliced green apple, avocado served with vietnamese crackers, white sesame, and XANH sauce PAPAYA SALAD* poached shrimp, green papaya, carrots, cilantro, cu cai trang, sliced mangos, cilantro, mint ...


ARTISANAL PIZZA Each individual pizza is made from hand-formed dough, topped lightly with our housemade tomato sauce, unless indicated as "white" (W) with olive oil and garlic.

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