Respirator Types

Respirator Types Goal This program provides information on the different types of respirators and their approved use. Objective Workers will be able to identify the appropriate respirators required for the different atmospheric hazards.

User Friendly Supplied-Air Respirators:Options for Auto ...

United States EPA 744-F-00-006 Environmental Protection Agency November 1999, Revised June 2000 Design for the Environment, Auto Refinishing Shop Project USER FRIENDLY SUPPLIED-AIR RESPIRATORS: Options for Auto Refinishers To stay healthy, painters should wear a supplied-air respirator when ...

S Respiratory Clearance Exam

CALIFORNIA Make sure that your employees are physically able to work safely while wearing a respirator. Respirator clearance exams are required by OSHA before respirator fit testing.

General Respiratory Protection Guidance for Employers and Workers

Particulate respirators: • Filter out dusts, fumes and mists. • Are usually disposable dust masks or respirators with disposable filters. • Must be replaced when they become discolored, damaged, or clogged. • Examples: filtering facepiece or elastomeric respirator.

Respirator Protection Program Manual

1 I. INTRODUCTION The control of occupational disease caused by breathing contaminated air should be accomplished through engineering control measures.

Constant Flow Air-Line Respirators and Accessories

Direct-Connect 1/2'' Airline Respirator Part Numbers Only has approval for Snap-Tite Aluminum or Cejn Chrome-plated Brass, locking fittings. All of the facepieces below are size medium and black hycar.

Advisory Information for Employees Who Voluntarily Use ...

If a respirator isn't certified by NIOSH, you have no guarantee that it meets minimum design and performance standards for workplace use. • A NIOSH approval label will appear on or in the respirator packaging.

NIOSH Respirator Selection Logic

NIOSH Respirator Selection Logic 2004 Author: Nancy Bollinger, M.S. U. S. Department of Health and Human Services National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health October 2004 i Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Respirator Protection

Page 1 of 18 CITY OF APPLETON PERSONNEL POLICY TITLE: Respirator Protection (29CFR 1910.134) ISSUE DATE: 1994 LAST UPDATE: April 2002 June 2006 February 2010 (form only) SECTION: Safety POLICY SOURCE: Human Resources Department AUDIENCE: Employees who wear a respirator TOTAL PAGES: 18 Reviewed ...

Safety & Health Fact Sheet

The regulation applies to all workplace respirator use. Also, substance-specific standards (e.g. lead, asbestos, carcinogens) now reference parts of Section 5144.

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