Medicare: 35 Years of Service

MEDICARE IN 1965 For persons who are trying to understand what we were up to, the first broad point to keep in mind is that all of us who developed Medicare and fought for it had been advocates of universal national health insurance.


SEVENTH - DAY ADVENTISM SEVENTH - DAY ADVENTISM A Ministry of Death A Ministry of Death PART 2: THEIR DOCTRINE REFUTED PART 2: THEIR DOCTRINE REFUTED We will center this section on three key areas: The investigative judgment, E.G. White's role as prophet of God, and the Sabbath question.

The Trinity Defined and Refuted (2) Coequal by Sean Finnegan

The Trinity Defined and Refuted (2) Coequal by Sean Finnegan According to the definition of the Trinity, the Father, Son, and holy spirit are coequal, coeternal, and coessential.


Newsnight's claim that aid is being denied to supporters of the opposition has been strongly refuted, not just by the Ethiopian government but by the Donors' Assistance Group (DAG), a consortium of 26 donor governments and international organizations such as the World Bank, based in Addis Ababa, after ...

The Trinity Defined and Refuted (1) Three Persons in One God

The Trinity Defined and Refuted (1) Three Persons in One God by Sean Finnegan Sometimes when discussing the commonly held belief that Jesus is God, the person I'm speaking with will say, "If Jesus is God, then to whom does he pray?

ArE Wisconsin Public EmPloyEEs ovEr-comPEnsAtEd?

It is an interesting and provocative hypothesis, but its main premise has been refuted by the research reported in this study—state and local government employees are not excessively compensated.

The Pre-Wrath Rapture Refuted

THE ASSEMBLY MESSENGER Proclaiming the Timeless Truth of the Church to a New Generation of Believers 03-67 Dear Reader The pre-tribulational "Rapture" of the Church to heaven was rediscovered in the early 1800's after being effectively lost to most Christians for about 1500 years.

ET Investigation: Vikram Akula clarifies and our response

ET Investigation: Vikram Akula clarifies and our response THE articles, "Uplifting Promoters in the Name of Downtrodden" and "The Poor as Puppets" in The Economic Times of January 31,2011, created an inaccurate portrayal of SKS Trusts (MBTs), which are devoted to benefiting borrowers of SKS ...

"Polonium Halos" Refuted

V OL 30, N R 52010 N R 52010 R EPORTS 17 17 I NTRODUCTION As the creationism/evolution debate continues, there has been an increasing sophistication of certain creationist arguments and publications.

Resource Exhaustibility A Myth Refuted by Entrepreneurial ...

grouping of produced durable goods. Goods grouped in such a definition may typi-callyinclude equipment, buildings, inventory, and so forth. Defining capital in this way, however, admits no rational framework for maintenance and in fact has playeda significant role in fostering the exhaustion myth.

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