Railroad Crossing Safety FactSheet

Railroad Crossing Safety FactSheet HS04-070A (1-06) Frequency A train hits someone in America every 115 minutes, often with fatal results. According to Operation Lifesaver, a national non-profi t organization, nearly 2,000 Americans are killed and injured at highway/rail grade crossings each year.



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BNSF Customer Tools - Glossary

Glossary of Railroad Terminology & Jargon Abbreviations Table A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P R S T U W Y Z Terminology Definition 286 286,000 lbs. Rail track segments with 286,000 lbs. or 143-ton car capacity restrictions.



9-1 CHAPTER 9: TRESPASSING CHAPTER OVERVIEW Trespassing on railroad property and facilities has become a more serious problem in recent years. According to the Federal Railroad Administration's Railroad Safety Statistics, Annual Report 1998, there were 536 trespasser fatalities in calender year ...



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Abolitionists and the Underground

Abolitionists and the Underground Railroad Goal: Students will brainstorm ways to organize against slavery and will learn about the abolitionist movement.


The Railroad

64 Time: 60 minutes The Railroad Make a picture train using various shapes. OBJECTIVES Students will: ①describe three parts of an engine ②name at least three jobs people performed on a train ③identify one railroad that operated in Kansas MATERIALS FROM TRUNK Video Here Comes a Train ...


Overnight Caboose Information

Overnight Caboose Information Dear Overnight Caboose Patron; Thank you for visiting historic Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. We want your visit to be as enjoyable and safe as possible, and for that reason suggest you read this information carefully.



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A Unique Experience for All!

P.O. Box 107 Cass, West Virginia 24927 (304) 456-4300 1-800-CALL WVA www.cassrailroad.com How To Get There Located in eastern West Virginia, Cass Scenic Railroad is accessible by WV Route 28/92 between Dunmore and Green Bank in Pocahontas County.


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