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Precalculus Goal Statement Precalculus is the preparation for calculus. The study of the topics, concepts, and procedures of precalculus deepens students' understanding of algebra and extends their ability to apply algebra concepts and procedures at higher conceptual levels, ...

Text: Precalculuswith Limits, Larson & Hostetler, Houghton ...

HONORS PRECALCULUS CLASS INFORMATION FOX. Text: Precalculus with Limits, Larson & Hostetler, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2007.

CLEP® Precalculus: At a Glance

1 CLEP ® Precalculus: At a Glance 1 Description of the Examination The CLEP® Precalculus examination assesses student mastery of skills and concepts required for success in a first-semester calculus course.

M O N M O U T H C O U N T Y V O C A T I O N A L S C H O O L D ...

Precalculus 1 MONMOUTH COUNTY VOCATIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT 4000 Kozloski Road PO Box 5033 Freehold, NJ 07728 - 5033 Precalculus School : All Career Academies Grade : 11 th and 12 th Credits : 5 Subject Area: Mathematics Prepared by: Chrisine ...

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PreCalculus Curriculum Guide 2007 Mathematics Curriculum Guide Revised 2007. Available at Roanoke County Public Schools does not discriminate with regard to race, color, national origin, sex, or handicapping condition in an educational and/or employment policy or practice.


Precalculus Revised: 2008 o unit number & title o MLRs Objectives (specific skills and knowledge students will have) Essential Questions Assessment U1 Course description: In Precalculus, students utilize their understanding of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry to solve situations involving ...

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Frequently-Asked Questions about . CLEP Precalculus . How long is the examination? CLEP Precalculus is 90 minutes in length. How is th. e exam formatted?


PREREQUISITES: PRECALCULUS Mathematics builds! To be successful in Precalculus, there are certain skills that you are expected to already have mastered.


Precalculus David H. Collingwood Department of Mathematics University of Washington K. David Prince Minority Science and Engineering Program College of Engineering


CONTACT INFORMATION Ken Kuniyuki: Email address: [email protected] Website: (various course notes and exams are available) Feel free to send emails with suggestions, improvements, tricks, etc.!

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