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Just Enough For You: About Food Portions

Contents Just Enoughfor You—About Food Portions Introduction ..... 1 What is the difference between a portion and a serving? .....


Fact Sheet

learn Better, work Better, live Better Portion Plate Teaching Messages 1. Helps people make decisions about how much food to eat. It is a strategy that someone can start using right away with their next meal.



learn Better, work Better, live Better Portion Plate Teaching Messages "I am trying to lose 20 pounds and The Portion Plate is exactly what I need to visualize what I am getting ready to eat and how much I should be eating.


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Gather the Materials 5 Gather the Materials Following is the list of materials you will need for teaching Level 1: Material Packet for Level 1 Set of All About Spelling Letter Tiles Phonogram CD-ROM


Portion Distortion Quiz

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Portion Distortion Quiz Y. ou’ve . probably noticed that food portions in restaurants and other places have grown in size and provide enough food for at


Preparing for the ACT Math Portion

Preparing for the ACT Math Portion Dr. Daryl Step hens, ETSU Math Department - [email protected] edu Check my faculty web page at http://faculty. etsu. edu/stephen/ for a PDF copy of this handout Here are some questions similar to those that might be on the ACT.


Portion *Control

*Education*&*Awareness*Raising* 65 Portion *Control Purpose* To learn about food servings and "balancing" one's plate and total food intake Intended*Audience* All employees Suggested*Activities* •*Use the Portion Distortion PowerPoint presentation (See the attached CD) to educate the employees ...


DG Fact Sheet-How Much

A portion is the amount of food you choose to eat. There is no standard portion size and no single right or wrong portion size. A serving is a standard amount used to help give advice about how much to eat, ...



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