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About Portfolios Elizabeth Aurbach c2005-2006 byAurbach&Associates, Inc. History Keepinga portfolio is a very old idea. Going back centuries, artisans of any culture who kept pieces of their work to show, ineect, had the beginnings of a portfolio.



PORTFOLIOS Rubric for Assessing the Use of Portfolios for Assessing Program Learning Outcomes Criterion Initial Emerging Developed Highly Developed Clarification of Students' Task Instructions to students for portfolio development provide insufficient detail for them to know what faculty expect.


Building a Personal and Career Portfolio

• Show how portfolios are used “beyond the classroom.” Brainstorm with students where they know or have seen people use a portfolio (e.g., ...


My Electronic Portfolio for First Grade 2001-2002

3 Purpose of Portfolio • Show progress in Reading , Writing , Spelling , and Math from the beginning to the end of First Grade • Show reflection: (using sticky notes) "I like this because…"



PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT: PORTFOLIOS An Introduction As small schools continue to utilize performance assessment in the classroom and at the whole-school level, portfolios will be an important component to record, showcase, and evaluate learning in a way that reflects the multi-faceted work ...


An Overview of E-Portfolios

An Overview of E-Portfolios by George Lorenzo and John Ittelson Edited by Diana Oblinger ELI Paper 1: 2005 July 2005 Abstract E-portfolios are a valuable learning and assessment tool.


Successful Portfolios LLC Client Brochure - SEC Form ADV Part 2

Successful Portfolios LLC Client Brochure - SEC Form ADV Part 2 This brochure provides information about the qualifications and business practices of Successful Portfolios LLC.


Multimedia Memories: Family Involvement in Electronic ...

1 1 Multimedia Memories: Family Involvement in Electronic Portfolio Development in Elementary School Dr. Helen Barrett University of Alaska Anchorage & International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Victoria 1st Grade 2 Everything I learned about Portfolios I learned in Kindergarten Or ...


digital portfolio

Hardcopy portfolios however can be used as a back up to digital versions and for personal use. Typically these portfolios are organized with tabs and explanations of sample work in a leather-bound professional folder.


Why use Portfolios?

1 Electronic Portfolio Development ● Combining Portfolio Development and Multimedia Development into: ● 5 Stages of Electronic Portfolio Development »Defining the Portfolio Context & Goals »The Working Portfolio »The Reflective Portfolio »The Connected Portfolio »The Presentation ...


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