Political Socialization & Political Culture

AUTHORITY  Authority is power based on a general agreement that a person or group has the right to issue certain sorts of commands, and that those commands should be obeyed.  One approach to authority focuses on the question of who has a right to rule, and on what this right rests ...




Political Science Research Competency Guidelines

Political Science Research Competency Guidelines Approved by the ACRL Board July 1, 2008 Introduction The following guidelines and associated examples developed by the Law & Political Science Section of ACRL (Association of College & Research Libraries) are intended to illustrate the application ...


Political Science Program (flyer)

P OLITICAL S CIENCE P OLITICAL S CIENCE The University The 670-acre site of California State University Channel Islands is located minutes from the Pacific Ocean, where the Oxnard Plain meets the Santa Monica Mountains.The main entrance to the campus winds through agricultural fields, orchards ...


The Journal of Politics

Friendships Moderate an Association betweena Dopamine Gene Variant and Political Ideology JaimeE. Settle University of California, San Diego ChristopherT.


PewResearchCenter Beyond Red vs. Blue - Pew Research Center ...

Pew Research Center for the People & the Press PewResearchCenter Beyond Red vs. Blue MAY 4, 2011 POLITICAL TYPOLOGY FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:


Agendas: Political

Weaver DH, Graber D, McCombs M, Eyal C 1981 Media Agenda Setting ina Presidential Election : Issues , Images and Interest . Praeger, New York M. McCombs Agendas: Political The political agenda is the set of issues that are the subject of decision making and debate within a given political system ...


Political Participation by Latino Non-Citizens in the United ...

354 LEAL While it might seem self-evident that citizens always participate more than non-citizens, this is not the conclusion to be drawn from the only quantitative examination of the topic.


Political Parties in Afghanistan

A CKNOWLEDGEMENTS The National Democratic Institute is grateful for the participation, interest and time that Afghan political party leaders, members and supporters extended during this assessment.



1 POLITICAL SCIENCE NEWSLETTER Spring 2008 Department office: BLD 202 Chair: Professor Axelrod Department phone: 877-4590 GREETINGS FROM THE CHAIR The following students are expected to graduate this year: Michael Berthel, Debraj Broomes, Wanda ...


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