The platform you’re holding is about making those kinds of choices. It’s about providing you and your family with a plan for the future. One that

Randall Terry For President

Randall Terry For President Randall Terry addresses 30 issues facing our nation. Mr. Terry has assigned a number value for each question/issue; sometimes he assigns two differing values, depending on the interpretation of the question at hand.

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Overview Platform LSF is the most powerful workload manager for demanding, distributed high performance computing environments. It provides a complete set of workload

Platform MPI 8.1

Features • Supports the widest range of hardware, networks and operating systems • Distributed by over 30 leading commercial software vendors • Change interconnects or libraries with no need to re-compile • Seamless compatibility across Windows ® and Linux ® environments • Ensures a ...

Platform Computing Solutions for Energy Trading and Risk ...

How well do you understand your risks? Energy sector producers, financial institutions, utilities and hedge funds participating in commodity exchanges fully appreciate the risky nature of energy futures.

Platform LSF® Process Manager

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Platform LSF ® Process Manager Automated Workflow Management for Platform LSF ® Clusters Highlights • Reliable time-based scheduling • Automate complex job dependencies • Save administrative time and effort • Improve process speed and ...


PLATFORM IT GUIDANCE 1. Introduction 1.1 Purpose and Scope Acquisition guidance detailed in references (a) through (c) states that Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP) and Major Automated Information System Programs (MAISP) that include information technology (IT) always have information ...

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2 MESSAGE FROM STEPHEN HARPER In this election, Canadians will choose between principled leader ship and opportunism; between a stable government and a reckless

Counting the Cost

02 03 Published in October 2011. This report was researched and written by Ben Amunwa of Platform, with contributions from Mika Minio of Platform.

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