OBSERVING THE PLANETS Planetary observation can present interesting challenges, especially to users of smaller telescopes. Details with which we are all familiar in professional quality images are seen only briefly in the eyepiece - if they can be resolved at all by a particular aperture.

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Purpose The objective of this exercise is to recognize and compare the similarities and differences among the surfaces of the terrestrial planets at a global scale.

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The planets closest to the sun are called the _____ 67. Name the four inner planets. 68. The inner planets are also called _____ because they are like Earth. 69. Describe the ...

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6 UNDERSTANDING PLANETS IN ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA Enn Kasak, Raul Veede This is a copy of the article from printed version of electronic journal Folklore Vol. 16 ISSN 1406-0957 Editors Mare K├Áiva & Andres Kuperjanov Published by the Folk Belief and Media Group of ELM Electronic Journal of Folklore ...

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PLANETS 28 ercury is the planet closest to the Sun. It is about one third the diameter of Earth and has no moons of its own. Like the Earth's Moon, Mercury has lots of meteor craters and flat plains covered by a powdery soil.

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r2 c:\files\courses\1710\spr 11\stars&planets.docx 1 Planet Questions Web sites http://www.nasa. gov Questions to ponder _____1.

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Planets.PDF. Planetary Conjunctions: 2003-2015 Supplemental material from Star Watch by Philip S. Harrington (John Wiley & Sons, 2003) Here are some selected close conjunctions between planets or a planet and the Moon occurring between 2003 and 2015.

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John McGranaghan Laurie Allen Klein front flap back flap John McGranaghan has always been fascinated by outer space and he shares that fascination in a humorous (but educational) way through Meet the Planets and Saturn for My Birthday .

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