September 2011 Sky Events - the Planets

September 2011 Sky Events - the Planets  Saturn is lost in the evening twilight this month as it approaches its conjunction with the Sun next month.  There are no other naked-eye planets to observe immediately after sunset this month.  Jupiter rises in Aries around 10:40 p.m. on ...

Planets: FAQ About Planets, Asteroids and Comets

What's a planet? A very good question and one that you might think is easily answered. Unfortunately, at present this is not the case. For decades, astronomers have struggled with a precise meaning for a planet since so many things can describe a planet.

Planets Curriculum

I. Introduction (10 to 15 minutes) A) Inform students that you'll be learning about the planets today, and that the planetarium is a tool for doing so.

The Planets: Overview

ASTR 330: The Solar System Categories of Planets Dr Conor Nixon Fall 2006 • From consideration of size and density alone, we can divide the nine planets into three main categories: TERRESTRIAL PLANETS: characterized by small size, high density, and also found in the inner solar system: Mercury ...

Planets Worksheet

Name: _____ Planets Worksheet Introduction Your task as a Space Investigator is to find out information about planets in our Solar System.

The 9 Planets

The 9 Planets Its Fun… Its Fantastic… & Its FREE!! Inside you will find the following resources: An ideas page A mini dictionary of the 9 planets & 9 planet clip art All at no cost to you!

Surface Temperature of Planets

Geol 116 The Planet Class 8-1 Mar 7, 2005 1 Lecture Surface Temperature of Planets Objectives • Effective temperature of a planet • Greenhouse effect on surface temperature of terrestrial planets • Surface temperature of giant planets Notes • What determines the effective temperatures of ...

Planets and Dwarf Planets

Name: _____ Planets and Dwarf Planets by Shauna Hutton Wow! Technology has improved so well in the last several years that we keep finding more and more objects in our solar system!

The Outer Planets

The Outer Planets The Outer Planets PSC 152 PSC 152 Overview Overview * In this section: In this section: * What are the characteristics of each planet?

May 2011 Sky Events –the Planets  Saturn

May 2011 Sky Events – the Planets Saturn continues to dominate the evening sky this month as it “wanders” by itself against the background stars in Virgo. All the other planets (6 of them) are congregating in the pre-dawn sky. Four planets trade partners this month in an amusing ...

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