A Portrait of Unauthorized Immigrants in the United States

Portrait of Unauthorized Immigrants i Pew Hispanic Center April 14, 2009 Executive Summary Unauthorized immigrants living in the United States are more geographically dispersed than in the past and are more likely than either U.S. born residents or legal immigrants to live in a household with a ...

Unauthorized Migrants: Numbers and Characteristics

June 14, 2005 Background Briefing Prepared for Task Force on Immigration and America's Future By Jeffrey S. Passel Senior Research Associate Pew Hispanic Center Pew Hispanic Center A Pew Research Center Project www.pewhispanic. org 1615 L Street, NW, Suite 700 • Washington, DC 20036-5610 • ...

The Role of Immigration in Fostering Competitiveness in the ...

(Washington, DC: Pew Hispanic Center, 2010), See also Demetrios G. Papademe-triou and Aaron Terrazas, “Immigrants in the US Economic Crisis: From Recession to Recovery,” in Migration and Immigrants

Changing the RaC

Applied Research Center Linda Burnham, Editor Changing the RaCe Racial Politics and the election of Barack Obama


Jeffrey S. Passel, Unauthorized Migrants: Numbers and Characteristics , June 14, 2005, Pew Hispanic Center, http:// pdf.

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Retrieved on 23 March 2009, from Email K. Durán (personal communication, February 14, 2006) Electronic Full-Text Sources (Hint: Follow the format above that best matches your online source before providing online citation information.


Introductory Gender Analysis & Gender Planning Training Module for UNDP Staff UN AGENCY GENDER TRAINING

The Changing Demographic Profile of the United States

(...continued) 44 There has been some fluctuation in the order within those six states. 45 Jeffrey S. Passel and D'Vera Cohn U .S. Unauthorized Immigration Flows are Down Sharply Since Mid-Decade, Pew Hispanic Center, September 1, 2010, at http://www.pewhispanic. org. 46 Ibid. 47 Aging (of a population) is a ...

Undocumented Students

Cited from "The College and Financial Guide for AB 540 Undocumented Immigrant Students" (USC Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis) Statistics were obtained from the Pew Hispanic Center ( 1 2 Undocumented Students Undocumented immigrants are foreign nationals who ...

Nonimmigrant Overstays: Brief Synthesis of the Issue

... Aliens in the United States: Estimates Since 1986 , by Ruth Ellen Wasem. 2 Pew Hispanic Center, The Size and Characteristics of the Unauthorized Migrant Population in the U.S.: Estimates Based on the March 2005 Current Population Survey, by Jeffrey S. Passel, Mar. 2006; available at [http://pewhispanic ...

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